You can now buy your subs for Spectral Press chapbooks (or individual copies, if you wish), direct. The new bank account is up and runnning, which means that you now have the privilege of having the whole of the first year’s publications sent right to your door (see previous blog entry) AND you’ll be able … Continue reading

Spectral Press: some teasers….

So, as a form of gentle encouragement to you all and as teasers as to what you can expect in the first year of Spectral Press’s existence, here are the back-cover blurbs of the first three chapbooks. (Please note: the publication dates are tentative only – as previously stated this is only because I need sufficient time … Continue reading

Welcome to Spectral Press!!

Welcome indeed to the first blog on this dedicated Spectral Press site – here you will find details of what will be coming out under the imprint, the authors, the artwork, the reviews as they come in and anything else to do with this venture. So, what is Spectral Press? It’s the newest small, independent, … Continue reading


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