A new Spectral review…

This new review, courtesy of Walt Hicks and posted on David T Wilbanks’ Page Horrific review blog, is an absolute belter, and confirms both Gary’s standing as a writer destined for great things and also that I am definitely on the right track with Spectral Press: —()— What They Hear in the Dark by Gary McMahon … Continue reading

New Spectral Press review

Here’s a short but sweet review of What They Hear in the Dark by Nick Cato, posted on his Antibacterial Pope blog: —()— The first release from this new small press is an emotional look at a couple coping with the death of their son. During the renovation of their home, they discover a hidden room where … Continue reading

Yet another Spectral Volume I review…

Here’s another great review from David Hebblethwaite, as posted on his Follow the Thread blog. Here’s what he had to say about What They Hear in the Dark and Spectral Press (this follows two short reviews of current Nightjar Press titles): —()— Coincidentally, there’s a couple with a new house and a relationship under strain in Spectral … Continue reading

Another Spectral Press review

Another good review of What They Hear in the Dark, this time from Neal Hock at the Bookhound’s Den: —()— I’d never read anything written by Gary McMahon; in fact, I hadn’t heard of him before I saw this chapbook. However, the cover blurb by Tim Lebbon immediately grabbed my attention since I’m familiar with his work. … Continue reading

The happy publisher…

… and his first publication… Yes, they’re actually here!! So anyone who wasn’t sure can now order one in complete confidence!! You can buy subs for Spectral Press chapbooks (or individual copies, if you wish), direct.  You can now have the whole of the first year’s publications sent right to your door AND you’ll be able … Continue reading

Second Spectral Press review in…

The following review was written by Mark West, and can be found on Goodreads: —()— The first chapbook from Spectral Press, Gary McMahon’s short story continues the writer’s ongoing fascination with the darkness of the human soul and the depths to which people are capable of falling. As with his superb “Different Skins” collection, he mines … Continue reading

A Public Service Rant… er, I mean… Announcement!

So, we were caught by surprise yesterday with the weather, or at least I was. The BBC forecast clearly said that there would be a light snow shower around 3pm and that it would stop within three hours. So what did we get? A very light snow shower that started at around 11am and which … Continue reading

First Spectral Press review…

This came in last night courtesy of Neil Leckman and posted on his Virtual Cubicle blog – short and sweet, and most definitely very sharp! “I just read Gary McMahon’s What They Hear in the Dark, a signed and numbered chapbook from Spectral Press, coming out January 2011. Gary has proven that not all silence is golden, and … Continue reading

SPECTRAL PRESS I: What They Hear in the Dark by Gary McMahon

“An absence is more terrifying than a presence… Rob and Becky bought the old place after the death of their son, to repair and renovate – to patch things up and make the building habitable. They both knew that they were trying to fix more than the house, but the cracks in their marriage could … Continue reading

Spectral progress report…

Just a quick blog today,. to let y’all know the state of play on how the first Spectral chapbook is coming on. I have just returned from the printers and it’s all looking mighty grand, the signature sheets will be ready by Monday morning and then I can send them on to Gary to number … Continue reading


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