From Russia with Love…

This review was written by Russian journalist Ray Garraty (not his real name obviously – it appears to be a homage to Stephen King, as Garraty is the main protagonist in that author’s The Long Walk novel, published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman in 1979) and appears on Ray’s Endless Falls Up blog. —()— Gary McMahon What … Continue reading

Latest Spectral review…

The review below, this one another positive one, was posted on the Innsmouth Free Press website and written by Silvia Moreno-Garcia – also, be sure to look out for an interview with your erstwhile publisher in the virtual pages of the very same Free Press, to be published very soon! —()— It’s funny how life works out. … Continue reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music

I am pleased to announce that one of the volumes following on from Paul Finch’s King Death later this year will be World Fantasy Award nominee Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music. It’ll be available early next year, either being Volume V or VI in the series – just twiddling with schedules, as is my wont…. … Continue reading

Total Sci-Fi review

I’ve lost count of the reviews of What They Hear in the Dark I’ve received, but here’s the latest – posted on the Total Sci-Fi website, and written by James Skipp (says some nice things about Spectral Press, too): —()— Book review  Written by Gary McMahon Spectral Press Release date Out now Rob and Becky are … Continue reading

A new review…

Here’s another new review of What They Hear in the Dark, this time posted on Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review… enjoy! —()— Who says that horror is a dead genre? Leisure Fiction may have done their best to kill it off in the US, and the current deluge of Urban Fantasy doesn’t leave it what’s left a lot … Continue reading


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