Aaaaaand off we go…

… to the historic bustling, bohemian seaside town known as Brighton, on the south coast of the UK. In just 24 hours, my wife Liz and I will be setting off for that fair place to attend this year’s FantasyCon event (her first and my second), for three days of excellent company, good food and … Continue reading

Spectral: 3-in-1 review number 3

Well, this week, as you guys may have noticed, there were no reviews available to me to upload on Monday, thus breaking my recent custom – but this midweek post more than makes up for that. It’s from the esteemed folk at Strange Aeons Magazine and it will appear in the Fall 2011 issue (Number … Continue reading

Spectral 3-in-1 review #2

In an effort to spread the good word about Spectral Press, I have been sending all three of the so-far published chapbooks to all and sundry if they stand still long enough. One of those who did stand still long enough was Gef Fox, who very kindly reviewed What They Hear in the Dark by … Continue reading

Monday morning goodness

As promised last week, and in continuation of the regular posting of reviews at the very start of the new week, here are links to not one but TWO new write-ups of Spectral Press publications. Don’t let it ever be said that I’m not good to you people… =) First up is a guest-review of … Continue reading

King Death by Paul Finch: pre-order

“In 1348, England is stricken by the Black Death. The worst pandemic in human history has reached the kingdom of the warlike Edward III, a monarch who, in battle against human adversaries, cannot imagine defeat. Two thirds of his subjects now perish. Woods become wild again, farmland goes to rack and ruin, villages, towns and … Continue reading

FantasyCon2011: it’s nearly here!!

Every year, the good and the great of the genre scene (and the plain old writer in search of a decent pint) gather in a hotel somewhere in England and talk and celebrate all things genre-related media. Last year it was held in Nottingham but, for this year’s event, the committee has upped sticks and … Continue reading

New links: a review and a guest-blog

First up is a review of Spectral’s launch title, published back in January this year: What They Hear in the Dark by Gary McMahon. This one’s been put together by Mihai Adascalitei and posted to his Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews blog. You can read his review here! =) Last week, Graeme Flory of Graeme’s Fantasy … Continue reading

Starting the week with a new Nowhere Hall review

It seems that autumn is well and truly here – today’s weather will mostly be blustery, cloudy and showery with occasional bursts of sunshine. But that really doesn’t matter, because we have another great review of Nowhere Hall for you to peruse – this one’s from HorrorNews. Net and written by Anton Cancre, who also … Continue reading

Yet another new Nowhere Hall review

Just got sent this one, right before breakfast… it’s from Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review this time and, as is usual with Graeme Flory’s write-ups, they’re very perceptive and extremely well-balanced – if you’re inquisitive as to what was said, then you could do no better than to click here! Graeme has also asked me to … Continue reading

Nowhere Hall – new review

This short review comes from Paul D. Brazill and is posted on his You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You? blog…. you can read what he says right here. I also received a rather nice compliment from a customer who told me that, while reading Cate’s chapbook in the bath, he actually let the water go … Continue reading


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