Halloween Horror Event!

This one is mainly aimed at those in the UK who are looking for somewhere different to go to on Halloween night – an event featuring three of the best writers working within the horror genre in Britain today, including a Spectral author! Eack of the guests will be doing a reading, plus discussing their … Continue reading

King Death by Paul Finch: the first reviews

Yes, the new Spectral chapbook, King Death by Paul Finch (which isn’t due out until December), has already received its first couple of write-ups. The first of those is from Mark West (who, I will declare, is responsible for the Spectral Press video book trailers and the author of What Gets Left Behind [Spectral Volume VII]) … Continue reading

A new review of Cate Gardner’s Nowhere Hall

This one is courtesy of Chris Bissette and appears on his eponymous blog – I’m glad to say that it’s yet another wonderful review, and it’s also absolutely fantastic to hear that as a result of reading this chapbook Chris went out and bought Cate’s Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits and Other Curious Things collection … Continue reading

Coming Soon: King Death by Paul Finch

In 1348, England is stricken by the Black Death. The worst pandemic in human history has reached the kingdom of the warlike Edward III, a monarch who in battle against human adversaries cannot imagine defeat. Two thirds of his subjects now perish. Woods become wild again, farmland goes to rack and ruin, villages, towns and … Continue reading

Spectral chapbooks: the future

This week, much of my time (apart from preparing Paul Finch’s King Death for publication) has been spent in pondering the future direction of the Spectral chapbook editions. I mooted some ideas in the two previous blogposts on how I should proceed regarding edition numbers ie, should I keep them as they are or should … Continue reading

Another Spectral chapbook option…

Yesterday, I discussed three options with regard to expanding (or not) the print numbers of the limited signed and numbered chapbook runs (see previous blog). There is actually one further option I neglected to mention, which is: 4) Keep the print run as is (ie. 100 copies only) but, every two years, produce an unlimited … Continue reading

Spectral chapbooks: the options

A week ago, I ruminated on the dilemma I face as a result of the chapbooks that Spectral publishes taking off in a way I hadn’t expected ( which is a good thing!). The problem I face is simply stated: given that I sell out of each chapbook fairly quickly, should I up the print … Continue reading

Spectral’s first podcast interview…

While I was in Brighton for FantasyCon a couple of weeks back, Peter Bell of Impossible Podcasts took the opportunity to interview me and talk about Spectral in particular and books in general. You can hear what I had to say by clicking the link below – enjoy! impossiblepodcasts.blogspot.com/

Abolisher of Roses review

If things had gone to plan I would now be waiting for a coach to Newcastle at the fine new coach-station in Milton Keynes, to begin the first leg of my journey to historic Melrose in the border country of Scotland. Unfortunately, the workshop I was meant to have given has been postponed until early … Continue reading

Newsy bits and pieces

Just a few bits of news to tell you this morning. so let’s get down to it: First off, Paul Finch’s chapbook, King Death, is provisionally sold out – I will be writing to all those who have reserved subs and individual copies next week. All subs purchased from now on will start with Volume … Continue reading


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