Spectral’s first year: a retrospective review

The above picture, as unassuming as it will look to most, represents a personal triumph. Why? Well, wearing heart on sleeve for a moment, at the beginning of 2010, I wasn’t in a very good place – I’d just had to shut the doors on a project I’d put my heart and soul into for … Continue reading

More King Death reviews

Today, we have a bumper crop of reviews for the latest Spectral chapbook, Volume IV of the series, in fact we have THREE of them to tell you about. First we have one from Jim Mcleod’s Ginger Nuts of Horror website, wherein it cites the Spectral chapbooks as “…a top quality product in both production … Continue reading

A new King Death review and news

I must extend my gratitude to Paul D. Brazill for writing and sending me this latest review of Spectral Volume IV (Paul Finch’s King Death), which can be found on his You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You? blog. He calls Spectral Press “… an impressive indie publisher…” and he gives the latest chapbook a thumbs … Continue reading

New: two King Death reviews

And so they’re beginning to trickle in, the write-ups on the latest Spectral chapbook, King Death, brought to you by the incomparable Paul Finch. The first one is from Walt Hicks, who has written reviews of previous issues for the Page Horrific webzine, and has posted this one to his new blog Hellbound Times. You … Continue reading

A review from Innsmouth

And still the reviews for Nowhere Hall come in, just as I am about to publish the latest volume in Spectral’s chapbook series. This one is from The Innsmouth Free Press and is a very in-depth look at Cate Gardner’s story, perceptively drawing out the underlying details and flavour of the tale. Again, I am … Continue reading

Musiks and Mythos

As some of you out there may know, I used to run a record label (FracturedSpaces) specialising in strange. avant-garde, atmospheric and weird types of music. I still like to keep my hand in from time to time and in that light (and in a particularly well-favoured conjunction of stars) Spectral Press has teamed up … Continue reading

Spectral Press on G+

It’s a strange old world, isn’t it? Time was, when I started my first foray into publishing in 1990 ( a music ‘zine), that all communication was either done by way of the telephone or, especially in the case of overseas contacts, by handwritten letter. In the latter scenario, a ‘conversation’ could last months. Looking … Continue reading

A small bit of news…

It is with enormous pleasure that I can tell you that Gary McMahon’s Spectral Press chapbook, What They Hear in the Dark, has been recommended for the prestigious Stoker Awards in the Short Fiction category. Bearing in mind that it is only a recommendation and that it has a long way to go yet before … Continue reading

Competition time!! News!!

Yes indeed, it’s competition time over on the Read Horror website and what a competition it is too!! Spectral has teamed up with this great magazine to bring you an absolute stonker of a short story writing contest, with prizes to match, to wit: “The grand prize is a lifetime’s subscription to every single publication put out by … Continue reading

Nowhere Hall gets another review…

And here we are, on another cold and grey Monday morning, wondering just how quickly we can make the week go by until it’s the weekend again. Well, here’s something that will at least occupy a small portion of that time: a great new review of Cate Gardner’s Nowhere Hall, this time from Richard Baron … Continue reading


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