This Is Horror Awards 2011

Spectral has had a spectacular first year and you out there can add to the rise of the imprint by voting for it in the inaugural This Is Horror Awards (This Is Horror was formerly known as Read Horror and See Horror – the two merged recently). Spectral Press has been nominated in two categories: … Continue reading

Season’s Greetings from Spectral!!

So, here we are yet again, at midwinter’s turn of the year, where light returns slowly but surely to lengthen the days and bring renewal to life in all its myriad glories. Or the season of drinking, eating and spending too much, depending on your point of view (although that won’t be happening at Spectral … Continue reading

More news and more reviews

MUSIKS & MYTHOS To start things off, here’s an update on what’s happening with the first release in the audio-CD series of Lovecraft readings accompanied by specially commissioned and composed music, released in conjunction with Temple ov Azathoth Records. The first double-CD will be released in March 2012 and will feature Lovecraft’s The Music of … Continue reading

Reviews and news

Don’t know about you, but it felt like Christmas had come early at Spectral Towers yesterday – TWO reviews of King Death and a write-up on Cate Gardner’s Nowhere Hall! So, without further ado, here they are: King Death review number one is courtesy of David Hebblethwaite from his Follow the Thread blog. David notes … Continue reading

A little news…

Well, yesterday was something of a heady day for Spectral, as the imprint made it into a couple of year-end lists: First off, Jim Mcleod of The Ginger Nuts of Horror blog put Spectral at #5 in his Top Reads of 2011 post, as well as placing the editor/publisher Simon Marshall-Jones in his Stalwarts of the … Continue reading

The Crow’s Caw reviews King Death

As hinted at above, this latest review of Paul Finch’s Spectral chapbook comes from Jassen Bailey’s The Crow’s Caw book review blog. Mr. Bailey himself admits that neither medieval fiction nor movies based in the period are his cup of tea, so does it win him over or not? To find out, click the link … Continue reading

King Death: the British Fantasy Society view

And so here’s the latest review of Paul Finch’s Spectral chapbook, from David Brzeski and posted to the British Fantasy Society’s website – but, in order to find out whether David gave it a YAY or NAY, you should click the link here. More reviews expected soon! Onwards and upwards!

Skull Salad Reviews serve up a verdict on King Death

It’s a miserable Thursday morning outside Spectral Towers, and the wife has gone to an all-day works conference (and is incommunicado), so what better way to put a smile on my face than by posting another review of Paul Finch’s King Death, the latest volume in Spectral Press’ chapbook series. This one has been written … Continue reading

A Bookhound’s review of King Death

Spectral received a new review of its latest chapbook by Paul Finch this morning, and this time it’s by Neal Hock over at his Bookhound’s Den blog. As he mentions in the review, Neal has something of a penchant for medieval-based tales, so he was particularly looking forward to this one – which begs the … Continue reading


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