Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music: the trailer

Once again, Mark West has produced a lovely video book-trailer to go with the latest Spectral chapbook, Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music, which is due to be launched upon the world at the end of February/beginning of March 2012. This one has, unfortunately, sold out already, but you can still get yourself a subscription (for … Continue reading

King Death at Twilight Ridge

As seems to be traditional around these parts, we’ll start the week with a review. This is the latest write-up on Paul Finch’s King Death, posted on Robert Morrish’s Twilight Ridge blog. To see what the Cemetery Dance columnist thinks about the most recent Spectral chapbook, please click here. Talking of King Death, as you … Continue reading

The Respectable Face of Tyranny: cover concept preview

We here at Spectral don’t normally blog this late in the day, but we just had to show you the absolutely superb job that artist Neil Williams has done for the cover concept for Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny, the debut novella in the Spectral Visions line. It’s based on a wonderfully atmospheric photograph … Continue reading

King Death: a new review

In the wake of receiving the news that Paul Finch’s Spectral chapbook would be the imprint’s first reprint in a Year’s Best anthology (Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2012, edited by Paula Guran and published by Prime Books), subscriber Chris Bissette sent me his own review of the story, posted on his website. Want … Continue reading

Spectral/This Is Horror short story competition: update

Just a very quick reminder to anyone wishing to enter this competition that you have just six days left in which to do so. For more details on how to submit your story, plus what it is that the winner will walk away with, then please hop over to the This Is Horror competition page … Continue reading

News: Who says Monday mornings can’t be good?

Spectral Press is DEFINITELY on the up and up, as this first blog of the week will show. The editor here at Spectral Towers is currently doing a victory dance, albeit one that’s slightly arthritic. Now I can hear you all say “And why is he doing a victory dance, especially first thing on a … Continue reading

The Respectable Face of Tyranny: a teaser…

On Monday, if you remember, we announced that Spectral would be launching a new line of novellas under the umbrella title of Spectral Visions. We also announced that Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of  Tyranny would be the first entry in the series, to be published in April. To whet your appetite, here’s a little … Continue reading

Awards news: What They Hear in the Dark receives accolade

A great day for Spectral or, more specifically, Gary McMahon, as his Spectral chapbook, What They Hear in the Dark, was awarded the Chapbook of the Year accolade in the inaugural This Is Horror Awards. Also, another (future) Spectral chapbook author, Simon Bestwick, was runner-up in the same category with Angels of the Silences (Pendragon … Continue reading

SPECTRAL VISIONS: a new line of novellas from Spectral

Monday mornings, just because of their bad reputations and the fact that most people actively hate them (except when on holiday), are the one time of the week that announcements were made for. And yes, this is a slightly long-winded way of saying that we here at Spectral have an announcement to make, to wit, … Continue reading

A double review and some news

Today’s review is a double one, courtesy of the fine folk at Shock Totem, specifically a gentleman by the name of John Boden. Like his previous review of Spectral chapbooks for the same magazine, he’s chosen to review two at once and this time out it’s the turn of Cate Gardner’s Nowhere Hall and Paul … Continue reading


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