ANNOUNCEMENT: The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark

Due to a printers error (a software issue in converting PC files to Mac) several pages of the Unsigned Edition of The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark have been printed in the wrong order. The whole run of the book will be reprinted and free replacement copies will be sent to those customers who … Continue reading

News: Theatrum Mundi logo and deliveries

First off, here are the front/back/title page and spine logos for the new Theatrum Mundi imprint from Spectral Press, designed by John Oakey, who will be responsible for all design matters for the entire line. We think it nicely represents the ethos behind the imprint, both in terms of the presentation and the range of stories we … Continue reading

A New Spectral imprint: Theatrum Mundi

Some of you eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that, when looking at the list of forthcoming publications for this year (top right-hand corner on the home page), there’s a new addition to the line-up: Theatrum Mundi (Theatre of the Universe),which  is a new imprint from Spectral Press specifically to publish novelletes having a much wider … Continue reading

Black Mountain by Simon Bestwick

There’s a place, out in North Wales, where things have happened. Bad things, strange things. Dark things. At the heart of it there’s a mountain, and they call it Mynydd Du: Black Mountain. A long time ago, I knew a guy called Rob Markland. He was a writer. He was, I suppose, a friend. Last … Continue reading

Spectral Press’ 2013 in review

The genre we love so much has not been treated particularly kindly this year: the deaths of not just some of the giants of the field (Richard Matheson and James Herbert spring easily to mind in this regard) but also unsung heroes like Joel Lane, the latter leaving a particularly noticeable vacuum behind, who will … Continue reading

Spectral season’s greetings!

Just a brief blog post to wish all our readers, subscribers, customers, writers, and artists a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. May you all get what you wished for and more, and that your 2014 brings you peace and prosperity. SPECTRAL WILL BE BACK BIGGER AND BETTER IN JANUARY 2014!!

Black Mountain Part One: The Red Key by Simon Bestwick

As a Christmas bonus and gift to all our customers and to those who have supported Spectral over the years, we are proud to present the first episode in an eleven part monthly serial, Black Mountain, by Simon Bestwick. This episode is just to whet your appetite: the following parts will be available on eBook only … Continue reading

Submissions call: Industrial Horror anthology

You know how chance remarks made by someone often spark off ideas? This is just such a case. Over the weekend, horror writer extraordinaire Adam Nevill posited the idea of industrial horror, which set off a chain-reaction in the sparking brain matter of Simon Marshall-Jones and, after his twitching, writhing body had stilled, he proclaimed that … Continue reading

Spectral Chapbook subscriptions

It’s been a while since we promoted the Spectral chapbook subscriptions, and so we thought it was about time we did. So, what is a chapbook and what  do you get for your subscription? A chapbook in Spectral’s case is essentially a pamphlet containing single short story of between 5,000 to 8,000 words. Each issue … Continue reading

The Spectral Chapbooks – the future!

Now, this is something that we have wanted to put out there for a while. As most of you will know by now, the mainstay of Spectral ever since its inception just over two and a half years ago has been the chapbook and that the focus of these little books has been the ghostly … Continue reading


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