Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow: full cover

Above is the full cover wraparound (and front cover below) for Ray Cluley’s excellent tale Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow, due out soon. It’s the first in the new ‘Theatrum Mundi’ imprint, and the cover artwork is by renowned genre artist Jim Burns, with the layout by John Oakey. We are going for a more … Continue reading

It’s all about Dr. Valentine…

We have received a rather charming letter of complaint (complete with various dismembered body parts) from Dr, Valentine, to say that he thinks we are not talking about him enough on this blog. He quaintly suggests that certain re-enactments from some of his favourite horror films might be visited upon us if we don’t rectify the … Continue reading

Announcement: Darkest Terrors book

It is with immense pleasure that we can announce that Darkest Terrors: A Best of Dark Terrors volume, edited by the esteemed Stephen Jones (The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror) and David A.Sutton, will be published by Spectral Press next year at Halloween. It will feature some of the best stories published in the Dark Terrors series … Continue reading

A trio of reviews – 01:12:2014

Another dull, overcast Monday morning, but it’s been considerably brightened by three reviews of Spectral books, which we’d like to tell you about: First, the British broadsheet newspaper The Guardian printed a review by Keith Brooke of The Spectral Book of Horror Stories over the weekend – you can read that one HERE. THE SPECTRAL BOOK OF HORROR STORIES … Continue reading

Leytonstone receives more love

There’s nothing better on a dreary morning than to receive notice of a new review, and here’s the latest one of Leytonstone from Dread Central. You can read what they have to say right HERE. GET YOUR COPY TODAY! PRE-ORDERS: £21 UK £24 EU $50 US & RoW

A Leytonstone review from our French correspondent

So how’s your French? Adam Joffrain, blogger at Par delà les montagnes hallucinantes (Beyond the Incredible Mountains), has written THIS review of Stephen Volk’s latest masterpiece (in our humble opinion) Leytonstone, his follow up novella to Whitstable and the second in the ‘Dark Masters’ trilogy. Thanks to Adam for sending the link! Get your copy today! PRE-ORDERS: £21 UK £24 EU … Continue reading

Another Leytonstone review

Monday morning, chilly but sunny, and we have a new review of Stephen Volk’s Leytonstone to tell you about – it’s from Jex Winship’s delightfully titled Sparks in Electrical Jelly blog, and you can read it HERE. Secure your copy today! PRE-ORDERS: £21 UK £24 EU $50 US & RoW We look forward to hearing from you!

Leytonstone: a new review

And so it continues: Ginger Nuts of Horror reviewer Kit Power reads Stephen Volk’s Leytonstone and gives us his thoughts – if you want to know what those thoughts might be, then click right HERE. GET YOUR COPY TODAY! PRE-ORDERS: £21 UK £24 EU $50 US & RoW

Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow by Ray Cluley

Gjerta Jørgensen patrols the frozen coastline of Greenland. She is the first woman to do so as part of Slædepatruljen Sirius, an elite dogsled team pushed to the limits of physical survival, risking hunger, exhaustion, frostbite and attack. But out here, where beautiful frozen desolation shows you little but snow, ice, and darkness, there is … Continue reading

Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow

Above is the rather stunning image created by renowned artist Jim Burns for Ray Cluley’s novelette Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow, which will be out in paperback only next month, and will be the first in the ‘Theatrum Mundi’ imprint. It’s set in the snowy wastes of Northeast Greenland, a vast icy desert where people like … Continue reading


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