01:08:2014 Gary McMahon mini-interview

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another in the series of mini-interviews of contributors to The Spectral Book of Horror Stories, conducted by the wonderful Angela Slatter. This time, we bring you the king of raw, the gut-wrenching, and the emotionally-devastating (not to mention grim) tale, Gary McMahon, talking about his contribution Dull Fire, as … Continue reading

30:07:2014 – Nicholas Royle mini-interview and Whitstable review

Angela Slatter continues her series of mini-interviews with contributors to The Spectral Book of Horror Stories with Nicholas Royle, writer, editor, teacher and anthologist, who contributed the story This Video Does Not Exist. Click the link HERE to read what he has to say. This is going to be a major publication for this year, so please … Continue reading

And the first review is in…

…of The Spectral Book of Horror Stories – it’s from Gary Fry, writer (Abolisher of Roses, The Respectable Face of Tyranny), droll wit, and publisher, and it’s been uploaded to his official blog. If you’re dying to know what the anthology’s like before buying then all you need do is click on this link HERE. This is going to … Continue reading

News 28:07:2014 Helen Marshall mini-interview

Today’s mini-interview of a contributor to The Spectral Book of Horror Stories, courtesy of Angela Slatter, is with Helen Marshall, whose story Funeral Rites features in the book – you can read what Helen has to say HERE. Pre-order your copy today of this first in an annual anthology – ordering buttons below (if you want to … Continue reading

News 25:07:2014 – Alison Littlewood mini-interview

Alison Littlewood, acclaimed author of A Quiet Season (a Richard and Judy pick in their Book of the Month Club), The Path of Needles, and her latest The Unquiet House and of course the Spectral chapbook The Eyes of Water, gets the mini-interview treatment on Angela Slatter’s blog today – see what she has to say by clicking HERE. … Continue reading

Spectral Book of Horror Stories back cover blurb

THE SPECTRAL BOOK OF HORROR STORIES   19 BRAND NEW TALES TO CHILL YOUR BLOOD AND HAUNT YOUR DREAMS!   “The figure crouched over his mother was… taking something from her, sliding some spidery thing that struggled and screamed soundlessly out of her side and into his leathery dark bag…” – THE NIGHT DOCTOR by … Continue reading

News 23:07:2014 – Stephen Volk mini-interview

Today we bring you another in Angela Slatter’s series of mini-interview with authors who have a story in The Spectral Book of Horror Stories. It’s the turn of Stephen Volk, screenwriter of such films as Ken Russell’s Gothic, William Friedkin’s The Guardian, BBC TV’s notorious Ghostwatch docu-drama and the ITV drama Afterlife, as well as the author of Spectral … Continue reading

News 22:07:2014 – Spectral Book of Horror Stories launch

We have a launch date for The Spectral Book of Horror Stories – High Noon on 6th September 2014 at the Royal York Hotel, York. The launch will be attended by the editor Mark Morris, publisher Simon Marshall-Jones and cover artist Vincent Chong, as well as some of the contributors to the volume such as Ramsey Campbell, … Continue reading

News 18:06:2014 – John Llewellyn Probert mini-interview

Angela Slatter probes the psyche of another unfortunate victim… errr…  we mean contributor to The Spectral Book of Horror Stories – this time it’s the Welsh Wizard himself, John Llewellyn Probert (The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine and the forthcoming The Hammer of Dr. Valentine) – you can read the mini-interview HERE. The book will be published in … Continue reading

Spectral Book of Horror Stories: cover reveal

So this is the moment you have all been waiting for: Mark Morris and Spectral Press are proud to present Vincent Chong’s artwork for the first volume in The Spectral Book of Horror Stories annual anthology series. Without further ado, here it is in all its technicolour glory! We think the image perfectly captures the essence of its … Continue reading


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