Albion Fay by Mark Morris

“I know exactly when this photo was taken: July 1975. And I know where it was taken: on the sloping lawn beneath Albion Fay.          The boy in the photograph is me. The girl is my sister, Angie.          This is the morning of the day when we went into the caves … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord of reviews – 28:05:2013

While we were away doing the book launch thing for Whitstable in the seaside town of Whitstable itself, more than a few reviews of Stephen Volk’s novella winged their way into our email inbox. So, this Tuesday morning, please indulge us while we tell you about, and provide links to, them all. First off is This Is … Continue reading

A Spectral Tale for Christmas

For this holiday season, here we have a tale submitted to us anonymously for the Christmas annual, but we have a sneaking suspicion that it could be someone we know…. anyway, I would like to appeal for them to come forward and announce themselves as the author of this thoroughly scurrilously tongue-in-cheek story (featuring as it … Continue reading

The 13 Ghosts of Christmas: cover reveal

On this cold but sunny Monday morning, let us brighten the start to your week by showing you the stunning artwork that will be gracing the cover to the very first Spectral Christmas Ghost Story Annual, created specifically for it by Vincent Shaw-Morton. Let’s say right here and now that Vincent has captured the exact … Continue reading


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