News, reviews and stuff – 13:02:2014

Quite a packed little blog entry we have for you today, so without any more faffing let’s get on with the show: First we have a review of the British Fantasy Award-winning novella The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine by John Llewellyn , from Paul Feeney on his Sound and Fury blog. That one can be accessed right … Continue reading

Whitstable: New interview and review – 10:06:2013

Monday morning, and it’s a grey June day here at Spectral Towers. BUT, let us brighten up everyone’s day by telling you all about an interview with Whitstable author Stephen Volk which was conducted by Hereward LM Proops of Booksquawk, which can be found here, in which Stephen talks about the novella amongst various other subjects. And, in the … Continue reading

Interview with Stephen Volk at

What better way to start off the week than with a fantastic in-depth interview with Stephen Volk, the author of Whitstable, conducted by Sean Hogan (Hallowe’en Sessions, Lie Still, The Devil’s Business) and posted to the website of one of the most popular and respected of genre magazines, This really is a wonderfully insightful interview, looking at the reasons … Continue reading

13 Ghosts: This is Horror review

So, here we have it: the second review of The 13 Ghosts of Christmas, the first anthology in the annual series devoted to spookiness and supernatural goings-on during everyone’s favourite festive season. This one’s courtesy of This Is Horror magazine and has been written by Dan Howarth of that ilk. You can read the full write-up here. … Continue reading

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine: the paperback

So here it is, the paperback edition of The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine by John Llewellyn Probert, now available for all you lovely people to buy and make your very own. Prices quoted below include postage and packing. All orders will be processed and sent out in early October, after the dust has settled in … Continue reading

Spectral visits The Black Abyss

Just a very quick blog today, to let you know that Spectral supremo Simon Marshall-Jones was called by Grand Inquisitor Colin Leslie to answer some questions at his domicile The Black Abyss. Colin wanted to know about everything Spectral, and my association with the horror genre in general. To see what Simon had to say for … Continue reading

A Rough Music solo spot

Just a quick blog today, to  let you know about a brief review of Simon Kurt Unsworth’s chapbook which has just been posted at Paul D. Brazill’s You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You blog, which you can read here. You can also read a Short Sharp Interview with Spectral mainman Simon Marshall-Jones on the same … Continue reading

Alison Littlewood on Richard & Judy’s Book Club

The video clip above features an interview with the delightful Alison Littlewood, the author of June’s forthcoming Spectral Press chapbook The Eyes of Water – which is already sold out unfortunately. Here, Alison talks about her debut novel, A Cold Season (Jo Fletcher Books), which I highly recommend, as well as the plans she has … Continue reading

Spectral’s first podcast interview…

While I was in Brighton for FantasyCon a couple of weeks back, Peter Bell of Impossible Podcasts took the opportunity to interview me and talk about Spectral in particular and books in general. You can hear what I had to say by clicking the link below – enjoy!

Post-con news, reviews and other things…

FantasyCon 2011 is, very sadly, over, but there’s always next year’s event to look forward to, which many attendees are already doing (this one included). There will be a full report of what happened on these pages within the next few days (including a review of Saturday night’s fabulous theatrical entertainment) but, in the meantime, … Continue reading


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