Black Mountain 4: The Beast of Maes Carnedd available NOW!

For those who are following Simon Bestwick’s monthly serial Black Mountain, we’d like to inform you that episode 4, The Beast of Maes Carnedd, is available to buy from Amazon for the Kindle right now. ‘Maes Carnedd lies in ruins now. It’s more than a hundred years since the Welsh mining village, in the shadow of Mynydd … Continue reading

Black Mountain by Simon Bestwick

There’s a place, out in North Wales, where things have happened. Bad things, strange things. Dark things. At the heart of it there’s a mountain, and they call it Mynydd Du: Black Mountain. A long time ago, I knew a guy called Rob Markland. He was a writer. He was, I suppose, a friend. Last … Continue reading

Black Mountain part three

Good morning from a cold but beautifully sunny and bright blue sky day here at Château Spectrale.  Today, we are going to tell you about the latest ‘episode’ in the ongoing eBook monthly serial from Spectral, Black Mountain by Simon Bestwick. The cover artwork, by the inestimable Neil Williams, is shown above. Continuing the chronicling of the … Continue reading

News 03:02:2014

For those of you regulars who read the opening chapter of Simon Bestwick’s Black Mountain serial (The Red Key) on this blog in December (which you can find here), you will be pleased to now that the second episode, The Ghosts of Hafan Deg, is now available from Amazon UK and US (see cover above). The serial is being … Continue reading

News and reviews 14:01:2014

It’s a beautifully sunny but frosty morning here in the grounds of Château Spectrale, and we will celebrate by telling you of some recent reviews which have come our way: First, we have a write-up of our two latest books, Tim Lebbon’s Still Life novella and Paul Kane’s Ghosts collection – this one appears on Anthony Watson’s Dark … Continue reading

Black Mountain Part One: The Red Key by Simon Bestwick

As a Christmas bonus and gift to all our customers and to those who have supported Spectral over the years, we are proud to present the first episode in an eleven part monthly serial, Black Mountain, by Simon Bestwick. This episode is just to whet your appetite: the following parts will be available on eBook only … Continue reading

Some new reviews

A bleary, blustery Monday, so what better way to cheer ourselves up than to read about some new reviews? The first one is for Tim Lebbon’s latest novella, Still Life, which appears at and has been written by Niall Alexander. You can find out what he says by going here. Next up is Simon Bestwick’s … Continue reading

Simon Bestwick’s The Judgement Call: a preview

The next issue in the Spectral series of chapbooks. Volume XI, will be Simon Bestwick’s The Judgement Call, which will now be available to subscribers and purchasers in OCTOBER. To whet your appetite, however, we give you the back-cover blurb, which goes thusly: A rainy Christmas Eve, and Miles is driving home. A loving husband … Continue reading

Spectral Press: 2013 line-up

Monday morning again – and what better way to cheer everyone up than to tell you about what we have in store for you next year! So, gird those loins, and prepare yourself for some marvellous goodies coming your way from Spectral in 2013: As you already know, we’ll be continuing to publish the quarterly … Continue reading

Another Spectral miscellany

SPECIAL OFFER! As a special treat to you all you lovely people out there, we’re offering the two Spectral Visions novellas we’ve recently published in paperback, The Respectable Face of Tyranny by Gary Fry and The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine, as a bundle at a bargain price of £9 (plus P+P). All you need do to … Continue reading


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