News 14:07:2014

First up, notice of a series of interviews with contributors to The Spectral Book of Horror Stories being conducted by award-winning writer and naturally fabulous Australian Angela Slatter, and posted to her blog. The first one, of course, hones in on Mark Morris, the editor of this esteemed volume and is essential reading (as will all the … Continue reading

LGC News and views 02:07:2014

First we’ll kick off with a review of The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark – this one is from Matt Mason and has been posted to his Sweat, Tears, and Digital Ink website. You can read his verdict here. The Deluxe Edition (cover pictured above) has been getting particularly fulsome praise from the customers who … Continue reading

The Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Table of Contents

We normally wouldn’t post two blogs in a day, but we were so excited when we received email confirmation of who was going to appear in the very first volume of what is hoped to be an annual publication, The Spectral Book of Horror Stories (edited by Mark Morris), we just couldn’t help ourselves. So … Continue reading

Article: Unmade film adaptations…

Sometimes, just for a bit of fun, it’s interesting to wonder how a particular book would look like as a film adaptation. Well, journalist Alan Kelly has done just that for Movie Maker magazine at their online presence. And guess what? He’s included a title from Spectral, and he’s also suggested a director and an actor for the … Continue reading

3 and 5 year subscriptions

If you look down the right-hand side of  this blog you will see a list of subscription options: you can subscribe to the chapbook series for one, three or five years. Not only that, but the longer you subscribe for, the more you will save. We have also given you the Paypal buttons below as … Continue reading

The Last of Russell Ware: Black Mountain episode 5

Now available from the Kindle store on Amazon, the latest installment of Simon Bestwick’s ongoing Spectral Press serial Black Mountain – The Last of Russell Ware. Once more it boasts an exquisite cover by Neil Williams (shown above). Buy your copy today by clicking on the following links: Amazon UK Amazon US “Author and journalist Russell Ware was … Continue reading

Currently available books

Listed below are the books which are currently in print from Spectral – also included are purchasing buttons via Paypal. If you want to pay via cheque or bank transfer, please contact us at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com for details. ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF P+P.     EDITION CONTENTS DELUXE EDITION (50 only- 14 left) (available late May/early June): Foreword by MARK … Continue reading

Chapbook Subscriptions – new rates

For the last eighteen months we here at Spectral have held the current subscription rate at present levels, in spite of the ever-encroaching plans of Royal Mail to take bigger chunks out of our profit margins. Unfortunately, there comes a point where it can no longer be sustained and remain profitable. So, it is with … Continue reading

News: Theatrum Mundi logo and deliveries

First off, here are the front/back/title page and spine logos for the new Theatrum Mundi imprint from Spectral Press, designed by John Oakey, who will be responsible for all design matters for the entire line. We think it nicely represents the ethos behind the imprint, both in terms of the presentation and the range of stories we … Continue reading

A New Spectral imprint: Theatrum Mundi

Some of you eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that, when looking at the list of forthcoming publications for this year (top right-hand corner on the home page), there’s a new addition to the line-up: Theatrum Mundi (Theatre of the Universe),which  is a new imprint from Spectral Press specifically to publish novelletes having a much wider … Continue reading


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