New reviews 27:01:2014

Did you know that we talk about new reviews here on Mondays more than any other day of the week? And today, being a Monday, is no exception. We have two reviews for you this morning: First, writer James Everington reviews Soul Masque by Terry Grimwood (alongside Chalk by Pat Cadigan) on his blog Scattershot Writing – the review … Continue reading

Black Static gets all soulful

One of the go-to genre magazines in the UK is Black Static, from the people who brought you Interzone , one of the longest-established science fiction magazines in the world. Black Static is definitely set to follow in its hallowed footsteps, and one of the first sections many go to is the reviews, headed by Peter Tennant. In the latest … Continue reading

Some new reviews

A bleary, blustery Monday, so what better way to cheer ourselves up than to read about some new reviews? The first one is for Tim Lebbon’s latest novella, Still Life, which appears at and has been written by Niall Alexander. You can find out what he says by going here. Next up is Simon Bestwick’s … Continue reading

New Reviews – 13:09:2013

We haven’t uploaded any reviews for a while, so we shall rectify that by letting you know about quite a few that came our way earlier in the week: First, here’s an Italian review (in Italian) at Nero Cafe of John Llewellyn Probert’s The Nine Deaths of Dr Valentine, by Mauro Saracino – read that one … Continue reading

New review 19:08:2013

It’s been fairly quiet around these parts lately, so let’s change that by bringing you the latest review of Terry Grimwood’s chapbook story, Soul Masque. This one is from subscriber Paul Feeney, and was posted to his Facebook timeline: “The world is on the brink, demons are rife and those that purport to do God’s (yes, … Continue reading

26:07:2013 – first Soul Masque review

So, here it is folks, the first review of Terry Grimwood’s Soul Masque, written by Geoff Nelder – we reproduce it here in full: “Ali Smith, on giving advice to the competitors in the Bridport Prize a while ago said, “I like to see a beginning, middle and end, but not necessarily in that order.” I’m … Continue reading

Soul Masque: the blurb…

“Soul Masque… A high class dominatrix who counts an Angel among her clientele A preacher who has swapped prayer for a needle and a spoon A woman whose terminal illness is held in stasis by allegiance to a holy cause A loser with a price on his head whose only hope of survival lies in … Continue reading

Soul Masque: cover concept reveal

After taking a small break from working, we’re now back on track and ready to forge ahead. To celebrate, we’ve decided to go ahead and reveal Neil Williams’ beautiful cover concept (note: this is still a work in progress) for number 10 in the Spectral chapbook series, Terry Grimwood’s Soul Masque, which will be available next … Continue reading

Spectral Press: 2013 line-up

Monday morning again – and what better way to cheer everyone up than to tell you about what we have in store for you next year! So, gird those loins, and prepare yourself for some marvellous goodies coming your way from Spectral in 2013: As you already know, we’ll be continuing to publish the quarterly … Continue reading

New titles added

Some of the sharper-eyed readers of this website may have noticed, in the top right-hand corner of the front page here, that I have added two more titles to the chapbook line.They will be published (tentatively) in the first half of 2013 (but these things are always subject to change). The titles are: Spectral Volume … Continue reading


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