A trio of reviews – 01:12:2014

Another dull, overcast Monday morning, but it’s been considerably brightened by three reviews of Spectral books, which we’d like to tell you about: First, the British broadsheet newspaper The Guardian printed a review by Keith Brooke of The Spectral Book of Horror Stories over the weekend – you can read that one HERE. THE SPECTRAL BOOK OF HORROR STORIES … Continue reading

An Eloquent Review – 08:08:2013

The reviews of Stephen Volk’s Whitstable keep coming in and the latest one is from The Eloquent Page, run by pablocheesecake AKA Paul Holmes (by the way, his wife Nadine makes fabulous cakes, confectioneries and other stuff – just go here to see what I mean) – you can read what he said here and you can … Continue reading

Monday morning review round-up

So, here we are at the start of yet another week, and we have a couple of reviews of The 13 Ghosts of Christmas to tell you about: First up is one by the almighty Pablocheesecake of The Eloquent Page – see what he has to say about Spectral’s first anothology here. Next, we have a write-up … Continue reading

Some more love for What Gets Left Behind (and Spectral)

Just a quick slice of blogging this morning (as we have a lot to catch up with here at Spectral Towers) in the form of a notification of the latest review of Mark West’s chapbook, What Gets Left Behind. This one has very kindly been written and uploaded by Pablocheesecake to his The Eloquent Page book review … Continue reading

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine: an Eloquent review

Just a week until the official launch of the second Spectral Visions novella, The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine by John L. Probert, at this year’s gathering of writers, editors and publishers in Brighton at FantasyCon 2012. The reviews are now coming in regularly, and it is with great pleasure that we can announce the latest … Continue reading

A Respectably Eloquent review

The following review, kindly put together by pablocheesecake of The Eloquent Page book blog, has just come in, less than five minutes before we wrote this blog entry. It’s a nice little review, and we particularly like this bit: “Spectral Press has a knack for publishing short stories and novellas that challenge reader perceptions and … Continue reading

A couple of new reviews for a sunny Monday morning

With something of a sense of relief (and despite winter being my favourite season), it appears that spring is finally arriving at Spectral Towers. There’s nothin’ but blue skies here today, absolutely guaranteed to lift the spirits for certain. Even better, to boost those spirits higher still, would be some great reviews – and it … Continue reading

A little news…

Well, yesterday was something of a heady day for Spectral, as the imprint made it into a couple of year-end lists: First off, Jim Mcleod of The Ginger Nuts of Horror blog put Spectral at #5 in his Top Reads of 2011 post, as well as placing the editor/publisher Simon Marshall-Jones in his Stalwarts of the … Continue reading

More King Death reviews

Today, we have a bumper crop of reviews for the latest Spectral chapbook, Volume IV of the series, in fact we have THREE of them to tell you about. First we have one from Jim Mcleod’s Ginger Nuts of Horror website, wherein it cites the Spectral chapbooks as “…a top quality product in both production … Continue reading

An Eloquent Nowhere Hall review

Hot on the heels of my previous blog-post came news of another review of Nowhere Hall, this time courtesy of The Eloquent Page and reviewer pablocheesecake  – and, yet again, I am pleased to report that it’s another positive one, saying that Spectral Press ‘…has delivered another classic tale…’ You can read the rest of … Continue reading


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