New reviews – 02:04:2013

Here, in the environs of Spectral Towers at least, spring has deigned to show its sunny, if somewhat chilly, face at last. And, just to add to the feelgood factor, here we have two new reviews to let you know about. First is Geoff Nelder’s assessment of Stephen Volk’s Whitstable novella, posted to various sites including his … Continue reading

New Whitstable review – 28:03:2013

And still they keep coming in: here’s the latest review of Stephen Volk’s masterful study of character and modern menace Whitstable. This one is courtesy of Walt Hicks, and it appears on his Hellbound Times genre media review blog. You can access the write-up by clicking right here. More reviews soon!

10:12:2012 – Two new reviews

Another beautifully crisp and sunny morning here at Spectral Towers, and we have two new reviews to bring you, including the first review of David Tallerman’s The Way of the Leaves, the winner of the Spectral Press/This Is Horror short story competition held earlier this year. This one’s from The Hellbound Times‘ Walt Hicks, and can be … Continue reading

13 Ghosts of Christmas: the first review

Well, this is what we’ve nervously been waiting for – the very first review of the first Spectral Press Christmas Ghosts Story Annual, also known as The 13 Ghosts of Christmas. The honour of posting that first write-up is Walt Hicks of The Hellbound Times, someone who always ties with Jim Mcleod of The Ginger Nuts of Horror … Continue reading

What Gets Left Behind review at Hellbound Times

For the second review of Mark West’s What Gets Left Behind, the latest volume in the Spectral Press chapbook series, we have to thank Walt Hicks of Hellbound Times. To read Walt’s thoughts on the story, please go here. CHRISTMAS GHOST STORY ANNUAL: A FURTHER UPDATE We are currently reading through all the submissions that were sent … Continue reading

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine: the first reviews

It’s that time again, when we send out review texts of another new Spectral publication and suffer sleepless nights* waiting anxiously for the write-ups to return. As you all know, the latest one is the new John Llewellyn Probert Spectral Visions novella, The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine, and we have been busy sending out … Continue reading

The Eyes of Water: first review and some news…

It is with great delight that we present to you the first review of bestselling author Alison Littlewood’s chapbook, The Eyes of Water. This one is by Walt Hicks and has been posted on his Hellbound Times book blog – the review can be accessed here. NEWS It is our great pleasure to announce that Mr. Peter … Continue reading

The Respectable Face of Tyranny: the first review

It is with great pleasure that we here at Spectral Towers (the palatial high-rise extension of Marshall-Jones Mansions) present the very first review of Gary Fry’s Spectral Visions novella, The Respectable Face of Tyranny. This one is courtesy of Walt Hicks at Hellbound Times – so what did the man think of the debut publication in Spectral … Continue reading

Two new reviews and an update

So, first up this bright Tuesday morning is a new review of Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music – this one was written by Walt Hicks and can be found on his Hellbound Times blog. Walt has been a consistent supporter of Spectral Press ever since it opened its doors – so what did he think … Continue reading

New: two King Death reviews

And so they’re beginning to trickle in, the write-ups on the latest Spectral chapbook, King Death, brought to you by the incomparable Paul Finch. The first one is from Walt Hicks, who has written reviews of previous issues for the Page Horrific webzine, and has posted this one to his new blog Hellbound Times. You … Continue reading


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