A review and some news…

First, we have a new review (and yet another positive one) of Abolisher of Roses from Page Horrific, written by Walt Hicks. The review can be accessed by following this link. Many thanks to Page Horrific and Walt for the review!!

In further news, the PDF proofs for Spectral Volume III have been approved by the lovely Cate Gardner, so it’ll only be a matter of weeks before Nowhere Hall will be landing on the doormats of subscribers and purchasers. Thanks go to Daniele Serra for the stupendous cover, and Neil Williams for all his superb work of putting everything together and doing justice to Cate’s story and Daniele’s artwork!

Not long after Spectral Volume III’s publication, it’ll be on to starting work on Paul Finch’s contribution, King Death. THIS time, however, I have asked Neil to design the cover early, so it gives Mark West time to actually come up with a book trailer BEFORE it sells out.

Don’t forget, subscriptions and resubs are still available, but there are very few left, so I would suggest hurrying up – and, as I am not planning on upping the print run, once the 100 places are gone then that’s it. In other words, it’s first come first served for the foreseeable future. Sorry, folks!

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