New Nowhere Hall review

And so, before I dive headlong into the final third of the editing job I’m working on right now, I just have enough time to upload a link to the latest review of Cate Gardner’s Nowhere Hall, this one courtesy of Neal Hock over at the Bookhound’s Den – you can read what the man said here. =)

I really do recommend that people take out a subscription – these books tend to sell out quite quickly so, if you like the sound of what Spectral is doing and publishing, then I suggest you do just that. Subscribing is the best way to ensure that you receive every issue hot off the presses (as journalists are wont to say enthusiastically), as well as getting the occasional email newsletter and subscriber benefits (such as, when the hardback edition of the 2012 Christmas Ghost Story anthology is published, you’ll be able to claim money off the cover price). And, on top of that, you will always be guaranteed top-notch production values as well brilliant story-telling, from some of the best writers in the scene! To make it even easier, there are Paypal buttons down the right-hand side of this website for convenience of ordering…

(If you wish to pay by any other means, email me, Simon Marshall-Jones, at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we can arrange something – thank you!)

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