Abolisher of Roses review

If things had gone to plan I would now be waiting for a coach to Newcastle at the fine new coach-station in Milton Keynes, to begin the first leg of my journey to historic Melrose in the border country of Scotland. Unfortunately, the workshop I was meant to have given has been postponed until early next year, and it’s entirely due to legitimate and unforeseen circumstances. However, I shall not be wanting for things to do in lieu of that, as Spectral always demands a lot of my time and this has given me an opportunity to clear some of those items that need seeing to.

In the meantime, I shall point you in the direction of the latest review of Gary Fry’s Abolisher of Roses, written by David Hebblethwaite and posted on his Follow the Thread blog. Generally speaking David has liked what Spectral has put out, but he wasn’t so keen on this one. It’s by no means a negative review, though, and his conclusions are all down to personal taste on this one, I think. But judge for yourself: the review can be found here (it’s the second one down, after Hollis Hampton-Jones’ Comes the Night).

Anyway, I’m off to send email reminders to people…. =)

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