Some Dark Musings on chapbooks

Eyes of Water cover image

It’s another busy week already at Spectral Towers and so, just to reassure you that we haven’t forgotten our loyal readers and customers, here’s a link to a review of a couple of chapbooks posted to Anthony Watson’s Dark Musings blog yesterday – The Eyes of Water by Alison Littlewood and This Is Horror’s inaugural chapbook in their premium range, Joe & Me by David Moody. They share something in common other than the fact that they’re chapbooks – Spectral’s Editor/Publisher Simon Marshall-Jones is also the Senior Editor on the This Is Horror books. You can read what the inestimable Mr. Watson said about them here.

These two lines complement each other nicely – TIH‘s chapbooks cover the areas of horror which Spectral doesn’t and vice versa. The David Moody mini-tome is highly recommended, a well-told story of hard choices having to be made in extraordinary circumstances. Hop on over This Is Horror to find out more and how to subscribe.

More reviews soon – onwards and upwards!

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