Stephen Volk’s Whitstable: cover revealed!

We here at Spectral Towers have been excited about this particular book for a  long time now, ever Stephen Volk sent us the manuscript earlier this year – it truly is one of the best books we’ve read in a very long time. Imagine, then, how much MORE excited we became when Ben Baldwin, whose artwork has graced many a story in the award-winning Black Static magazine (published by TTA Press), agreed to provide the cover image – and did he ever come through with the goods! So, without further ado, we are immensely proud to present to you the amazing front cover image that will grace Spectral Visions III:

Whitstable cover image

“Whitstable” by Stephen Volk © 2012 Stephen Volk/SpectralPress. Artwork © 2012 Ben Baldwin.

“Peter Cushing was my first hero, and in my opinion Stephen Volk has done something heroic by putting the man who fought onscreen monsters at the heart of a very human drama. Sad, tinged with a palpable sense of loss, beautifully written, and blessed with an unerring eye for crucial detail, Whitstable is a story to savour. If I may be so bold, I’m convinced that Peter Cushing would have approved.” – Gary McMahon

“This will engross and enthrall all Hammer fans and those who adore and revere Cushing. it brings his screen persona vividly to life in a modern context when the monsters are all too real – Tony Earnshaw, author of Beating The Devil: The Making of Night of the Demon and An Actor and a Rare One: Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes

Praise for Stephen Volk:
“One of the most provocative and unsettling of contemporary writers” – Andy Hedgecock (Interzone)
More soon!

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