The 13 Ghosts of Christmas: Final Table of Contents

13 Ghosts cover image

We here at Spectral Towers are proud to announce the final complete Table of Contents of Spectral’s first ever Christmas Ghost Story Annual,  aka The 13 Ghosts of Christmas:

Introduction                                                                                 Johnny Mains

1          An Odd Number at Table                                             John Costello

2          Concerning Events at Leinster Gardens               Jan Edwards

3          Carnacki: A Cold Christmas in Chelsea                 William Meikle

4          A Taste of Almonds                                                      Raven Dane

5          Where the Stones Lie                                                   Richard Farren Barber

6          All that is Living                                                            Nicholas Martin

7          And May All your Christmases                               Thana Niveau

8          Now and Then                                                                 Martin Roberts

9          December                                                                         Paul Finch

10        Ritualism                                                                          Gary McMahon

11        We Are a Shadow                                                           Neil Williams

12         The Green Clearing                                                      John Forth

13        Lost Soldiers                                                                   Adrian Tchaikovsky

Publisher’s Acknowledgements                                           Simon Marshall-Jones


Whitstable novella preview (May 2013)                         Stephen Volk

This looks set to be a great book, and we think it would be an absolute shame if you missed out on it. The limited, numbered hardback edition is available on pre-order now, featuring all the above wrapped in a gorgeous cover image by Vincent Shaw-Morton, with gold foil stamped titles on front and spine. There will also be coloured endpapers and a silk ribbon bookmarker to set things off nicely. Edition size  100 numbered copies only, of which half have been claimed already – so get ordering now!

All prices are inclusive of p+p.

£27.00 UK

40€ EU

$50.00 US & RoW

PLEASE NOTE: This is a very special edition of the annual, hence the prices, coupled with the rather high postage rates that have been decided by the powers-that-be at Royal Mail.

5 comments on “The 13 Ghosts of Christmas: Final Table of Contents

  1. Hi Simon   Can you reserves me a copy, and I will pay you on the 30th?   Cheers,   J


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