Chapbook slipcases: an update

Spectral slipcases

Monday morning and the beginning of a new month (and almost a new season, too!), and what better way of celebrating it than showing you some photos of the Spectral chapbook slipcases. These sturdy protective boxes will do a fine job of keeping those slim volumes in pristine condition over the years. They are covered in black Wibalin buckram and have the logo and name silver-foil-stamped on the spine. Each slipcase holds EIGHT issues very snugly, and will look absolutely wonderful on your bookshelf.

Black slipcase

PLEASE NOTE: the red slipcases with gold foil blocking on the spine are NOT available just yet – they will form the VERY limited edition of TEN boxsets of the first eight chapbooks to be released later this year in celebration of the publication of the first volume of the Collected Spectral Chapbooks, provisionally slated for September. ONLY the BLACK variety are available at present.

Slipcase spine with logo


£11 UK

£19 (two slipcases) UK

£15 EU

£27 (two slipcases) EU

$29 US and RoW

$52 (two slipcases) US and RoW


£26 1 year subscription + slipcase UK

£40 2 year subscription + slipcase UK

£36 1 year subscription + slipcase EU

£55 2 year subscription + slipcase EU

$70 1 year subscription + slipcase USA & RoW

$110 2 year subscription + slipcase USA & RoW

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