Whitstable: a video and a new review

Whitstable cover image

We here at Spectral are glad to report that Stephen Volk’s Spectral novella Whitstable has been doing exceptionally well in both the hardback and paperback editions, making it on course to be the most successful Spectral publication yet. If, however, any of you out there have been dithering as to whether to buy the book or not, then maybe this wonderfully atmospheric promo video by Mark West of Rude Dude Films might help you to decide – we think it’s one of Mark’s best productions yet:

And, just to encourage potential customers even further, here’s a link to the latest review of the book – this one’s from the British Fantasy Society website and was written by Dave Brzeski. This one is an especially sweet review – at least we think so. You can find the relevant write-up here.

The limited hardback edition has now SOLD OUT! Paperbacks can be bought from the Spectral Shop (first option on the menu bar above).

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