New reviews – 21:05:2013

We haven’t posted any reviews for a while now, so let’s rectify that by telling you about two of them that have landed on Spectral’s virtual desk within the last week or so. They’re both from Black Static #34 and, as usual, have both been written by Peter Tennant. In order to read the full reviews then may we suggest getting hold of a copy of this superb magazine! You certainly won’t regret it…

Whitstable cover image

The first one is of Stephen Volk’s Whitstable, and Peter concludes his write-up by saying:

“At the heart of this novella is a subtle and beautifully realised portrayal of the power of fiction in our lives, for better or worse, and in Cushing himself we see a man who embodies that principle in all its pleasurable ambiguity. With the possible exception of his wonderful story ‘After the Ape’, Whitstable is Stephen Volk’s best work to date, and I loved it.”

Creakers front cover by Neil Williams

Next is his views on Paul Kane’s Creakers, of which he says:

“This is well done, with some nice spectral effects to disturb the reader, such as the invasion of insects and the phantom lovemaking in Ray’s mother’s bedroom. The characters are competently drawn, with Ray’s troubled past put over effectively by suggestion, and his burgeoning romance with amiable neighbour Pam convincingly rendered. “

There are still some reviews to come in, so more soon!

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