Spectral Chapbook subscriptions

Spectral Press logoIt’s been a while since we promoted the Spectral chapbook subscriptions, and so we thought it was about time we did.

So, what is a chapbook and what  do you get for your subscription? A chapbook in Spectral’s case is essentially a pamphlet containing single short story of between 5,000 to 8,000 words. Each issue is published quarterly in a limited signed and numbered run of 125. Add in some superb cover artwork, crisp printing on excellent high quality paper and card stock, and you truly have an item than represents great value for your money.

So what do you get for your subscription? You will receive FOUR (4) issues of the chapbooks, published in March, June, September and December every year. In this way you are guaranteed getting a copy of each issue, as these chapbooks do tend to sell out fairly quickly. You can also opt to buy a THREE (3) or FIVE (5) year subscription instead if you so wish. Individual issues can be bought too, as a tryout if you’re not entirely sure or if you just like a particular writer’s work (PLEASE NOTE:  all issues previous to the latest issue, Terry Grimwood’s Soul Masque, have all SOLD OUT). Places are extremely limited – there are fewer than TWENTY subscription slots left.


£16 UK

£48.50 UK (3Yrs)

£80.50 UK (5Yrs)

£23.50 EU

£70 EU (3Yrs)

£116 EU (5Yrs)

US$45 US

US$135 US (3Yrs)

US$225 US (5Yrs)

US$45 RoW

US$135 RoW (3Yrs)

US$225 RoW (5Yrs)

INDIVIDUAL ISSUES (all prices include p+p)
(Please state which issue you are requiring)

£4 United Kingdom

£7 EU

$16 US & RoW

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