WFC Book Launch: news

Spectral Press logoSometimes, things don’t work out as we would wish, despite our best efforts and diligence. We were hoping to launch the hardbacks of Tim Lebbon’s Still Life and Paul Kane’s Ghosts collection at this year’s World Fantasy Convention but, due to reasons beyond our control at the the printers, they won’t be delivered to the event on time. Now, we could have gone to another printers who would have been able to do the job for us BUT, there’s one thing that stopped us: OUR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY. Customers expect (and deserve) a certain level of quality from our books and we would not dare to step even a little bit below that mark. We would rather delay the launch of a product and get the best than rush something through that might potentially be less than what our customers expect. We are not willing to compromise on this one. So, the hardbacks will be delivered here to Spectral Towers AFTER the event, but they WILL be to our usual high standards (we know the company and trust them).

Now, what does this mean in terms of the launch event? Simple: instead of the hardback being launched, we will be launching the paperback editions of the titles instead. Furthermore, both Tim and Paul will be there to sign them, along with Nancy Kiilpatrick (who wrote the introduction to Paul’s volume), and cover artists Edward Miller (aka Les Edwards) and Jim Burns. Jim will also hopefully be bringing along some posters of the cover art and Les will have his artwork on display. The paperbacks will be available at the special convention price of £10 each (usual price £12.50).  (For those of you who want the hardbacks but haven’t yet ordered one, there will be order forms available – alternatively you can be pre-order the tomes directly from us elsewhere on this blog.) Furthermore, we also hope to have several other Spectral authors present, including Mark Morris, who will hopefully be reading from his Spectral novella, to be published in 2015.

We sincerely apologise to all those who have already purchased hardbacks and were coming along to collect their copies at WFC. Rest assured, though, they will be sent to you after the event and we will pay postage.

Many thanks for your patience!

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