The secret to a successful book is not just the author but also his/her editor.

Spectral Freelance Editorial is the editing and proofreading arm of Spectral Press which has been set up to provide these services to Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy authors. Non-fiction pieces are also welcomed.

Simon Marshall-Jones, editor and publisher of this successful and critically-acclaimed independent publishing company, now provides editing and proofreading as a specialist service to all authors – regardless of whether you’re a professional or an aspiring writer, the same care and professionalism will be extended to both.

Spectral’s own publications are noted for being extremely well-edited with close attention to detail but without losing any of the essence that the author intended. Simon also edits books for Horrific Tales Publishing and Crooked Cat Publishing as well as writing columns, blogs and reviews for various publications across the genres.

If you have a short story, novelette, novella or novel that requires editing, please contact Simon at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com to discuss your needs. First time writers are especially encouraged to apply (and rates can be negotiated in this, and only this, case). SFE also welcomes contract work from established publishers.

Proofreading services are available at the same rates.


Short story: £50 per story up to 5000 words. Above 5000 £10 per 1000 words

Novelettes: £150

Novellas: £250

Novels: Prices start at £400 (40,000 words) and will be charged at £10 per 1000 words after that.

Assessments: I will also be happy to assess short stories/novellettes/novellas/novels – fees can be negotiated.



“Simon Marshall Jones is an editor as delicate or as brutal as is needed. He’s not afraid to tear things apart but knows when to leave them well alone, and there’s no better skill for an editor to have. Recommended.”

— Simon Kurt Unsworth, 2008 World Fantasy Award-nominee for Best Short Story

“I hired Simon to edit my book, Selling on Amazon – Second Editionand he has done a marvelous job of editing the copy. He was responsive, and filled with good ideas on grammar, consistency, and the use of the English language when writing a book. Like all authors it is interesting to have someone else review your pre-publication copy and finding all the little nitty things that the author has dropped in the art of creativity. Simon pointed out a lot of issues and was overall respectful and competent in answering questions from the author about his suggestions.Simon simply made an awesome editor for my book, which has consistently sold in the top 100 on Amazon since it came out as a Kindle book. He is a pleasant and highly informative editor, and it was my pleasure to work with him helping me make a stronger book that has sold well, and mostly through his editing skills. No consumer has complained about the quality of book, and all the consumer feedback online has been positive in regards to how the book was constructed.I highly recommend Simon as an editor for just about any project, and I have found working with him as an editor enjoyable and pleasant.”

–Dan Morrill, COO, Comics Forge, Seattle.

I had initially contacted Simon Marshall Jones over at Spectral Press about a year ago when I had first caught wind of the big things going on over there. I then saw that he was starting to use his craft in an editing service. I could not be any happier in my decision to take advantage of this opportunity. I sent him a short story I had put together while taking a break from writing my first book – his feedback and editing really and truly further opened my eyes to a bigger windowpane. His editing was nothing short of professional with very reasonable pricing. I love what he did with the piece I sent him and would love to further work with him.

— Jon R Meyers

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