We here at Chateau Spectrale are extremely proud to announce that we will be publishing crime fiction under a new imprint to be called SPECTRAL STILETTO, the debut title being issued in around 18 – 24 months’ time. Why Spectral Stiletto? Because it harks back to the Golden Age of crime fiction, with its femmes fatale wearing stiletto heels and thugs despatching their victims with stiletto knives. In our estimation it’s the perfect combination.

We are still in the preliminary stages of working out concrete details. but what we can tell is the editorship of the new line will be headed up by JOHN GILBERT, with SIMON MARSHALL-JONES as the Kingpin editor. Some of you will already be familiar with John’s name – he is the editor of the legendary horror magazine FEAR which gained popularity in the eighties, the heyday of horror cinema and fiction. But let’s hear what he has to say in his own words:

“British Fantasy winning editor and author John Gilbert is best known as the founder and Managing Editor of FEAR Magazine. He started his career as a writer and Deputy Editor of home computer magazine Sinclair User, before moving on to write ‘making of film’ books – including a collaboration with Clive Barker on The Making of Nightbreed. Most recently he has published two short story collections and has had his work included in several international horror anthologies. A lifelong crime and thriller aficionado, he says: “I am fascinated by the crime, mystery, noir and thriller genres and, as an editor, keen to bring together some exciting established and new talents from around the world to establish a truly ground breaking crime imprint.”

He has already started putting together a blueprint for the imprint, and what we’ve discussed so far points to very exciting prospects for Spectral Stiletto. Just as hinted at above, there will be some established names aboard as well as those whose work is as yet unknown in the broader world but who nevertheless deserve a wider audience. Specific formats have yet to be decided upon, but rest assured we will be maintaining the high standards which Spectral Press has become known for.

Keep checking back for more details about this thrilling new venture!

Acquisitions news

"The Witch's Scale" by Angela Slatter. Cover artwork "Hexenwippeoel" © Michael Hutter

“The Witch’s Scale” by Angela Slatter. Cover artwork “Hexenwippeoel” © Michael Hutter

For those with long memories, sometime ago we told you about a novella, featuring cover artwork by Michael Hutter (see above), from Angela Slatter called The Witch’s Scale – it is scheduled for publication next year, along with more novellas from women writers including Kathe Koja and at least one other who shall remain nameless for the moment while negotiations are ongoing. We are also hoping that a few more will come on-board as well.

The Grieving Stones

Also coming next year, in January, will be Gary McMahon’s novella The Grieving Stones, which sees him at the top of his form. Deeply unsettling, spooky yet deliciously ambiguous, this is a story which will linger with you for a long time. We here at Spectral definitely think it’s one of his best. Additionally, its publication will mark Spectral Press’ 5th anniversary, so it’ll be good to have the author who launched the imprint with What They Hear in the Dark back once again.

Glyphotech by Mark Samuels. Cover artwork  © PS Publishing

Glyphotech by Mark Samuels. Cover artwork © PS Publishing

We are also very pleased to announce that Mark Samuels’ collection Glyphotech and Other Macabre Processes, long out of print, will be be reissued in paperback with a new cover and bonus stories. It was originally published by PS Publishing, and Mark is one of our finest, but egregiously underrated, writers of weird fiction in the UK. We hope this new edition will go some small way of spreading his work to a wider audience.

More details of all books in due course.

News and stuff

Photo by Liz Marshall-Jones

Photo by Liz Marshall-Jones

First, here’s the publisher, Simon Marshall-Jones, holding a copy of Ray Cluley’s ice-bound novellette Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow, a box of which arrived yesterday evening. This has the distinction of being the very first Theatrum Mundi title, and we couldn’t have chosen a better tale to start the new imprint with. Along with the main story, there are five bonus short stories included. Top that off with a stunning cover by the legendary Jim Burns and it all adds up to a winner.

"Within the Wind, Beneath he Snow" ©2014 Ray CluleySpectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Jim Burns

“Within the Wind, Beneath he Snow” ©2014 Ray CluleySpectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Jim Burns


UK £15

EU £16

US & RoW $30

In January 2016, Spectral will be celebrating its FIFTH ANNIVERSARY, and to mark the occasion (amongst other things) Spectral will be publishing a novella by Gary McMahon, whose chapbook What They Hear in the Dark inaugurated the press in January 2011. Title TBC, but more details will be forthcoming within the next few months.

Also, contracts have now been exchanged with Kathe Koja for her dark fairytale The Prince of the Air, due out next year under the Theatrum Mundi imprint. Kathe has been on our ‘must-publish’ authors list ever since we began, and we were so thrilled when she agreed to let us publish something by her. Also next year, you can look forward to new works from Angela Slatter, Simon Bestwick, and Conrad Williams – 2016 is shaping up nicely already.

Don’t forget too that you can also preorder Tim Dry’s Theatrum Mundi novella Ricochet – see previous blog entry for full details.

News 26:11:2014

Skin by Kathe Koja

Skin by Kathe Koja

See that picture above (apologies for the quality)? This was the very first Kathe Koja novel that Simon Marshall-Jones, ye merry olde proprietor of Spectral Press, ever read. It was one of the most startling and shocking work he’d read up to that point, completely original, and tying in with the body modification obsession he was going through in the mid-nineties. So, you may be wondering, what has this got to do with Spectral, you may well ask? Is Simon losing his mind? (Don’t answer that…) Or merely reminiscing?

NO! Neither! In fact, Spectral Press is very proud to announce that Kathe Koja will be coming to Spectral, or the Theatrum Mundi imprint rather, in 2016, with her tale The Prince of the Air. The cover will be by Detroit artist Rick Lieder, a piece of whose collage work inspired the tale itself. It’s a great little story, intertwining a dark folk tale with the modern quest for meaning in one’s life. More details as they become available!

Albio Fay ©2014 Mark Morris/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Ben Baldwin

Albio Fay ©2014 Mark Morris/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Ben Baldwin

Also, a heads-up:  Mark Morris’ Albion Fay novella will be up for pre-order from next week, with an introduction by Adam Nevill – look out for that!