A Spectral Tale for Christmas: the author revealed!

Spectral Press logoFirst off… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Remember we posted a tale on 22 December which had originally been sent to us anonymously as part of our call for submissions to¬†The 13 Ghosts of Christmas annual 2012 (you can read it here to refresh your memories)? We also ran a fun little competition on Facebook wherein people were asked to guess who had authored the tale, with the prize being a paperback copy of the Christmas annual. We had a lot of fun with this one, with people guessing this person or that person, and veering very wide of the mark, in fact often going off in the opposite direction. Anyway the writer has come forward, and we can reveal it to be….


Somebody DID guess correctly, and that person is:


who wins a copy of the paperback, which will be winging its way Down Under very soon! Congratulations…