Alison Littlewood on Richard & Judy’s Book Club

The video clip above features an interview with the delightful Alison Littlewood, the author of June’s forthcoming Spectral Press chapbook The Eyes of Water – which is already sold out unfortunately. Here, Alison talks about her debut novel, A Cold Season (Jo Fletcher Books), which I highly recommend, as well as the plans she has for her follow-up novel. On this blog next week we will be revealing the blurb for her chapbook. Also look out for a blog-post revealing the cover concept at a future date.

For those not in the know, Richard & Judy are very well-known husband and wife TV presenters here in the UK, who have appeared on a multitude of early morning programmes over the last couple of decades. Some years ago they set a Book Club, in much the same way that Oprah Winfrey has in the States. At any rate, please enjoy watching the video – Alison Littlewood’s name will soon be on the lips of every self-respecting horror fan.

New Year – New Venture!

Some of you will have noticed that a new page has been added to this website – Spectral Freelance Editorial.

What’s that? you may ask.

It’s the new freelance editing business that Spectral have set up as an adjunct to the publishing – in other words, Spectral is now providing an all-round service in all aspects of the industry. If you’re an author, why not go and have a look at what we’re offering and see if we can help you today! Just click on the heading SPECTRAL FREELANCE EDITING next to About Spectral Press on the home page.


Congratulations to upcoming Spectral authors Alison J Littlewood (The Eyes of Water) and Simon Bestwick (Cold Harbours) for making the cut in this year’s The Years Best Horror Volume 4, edited by Ellen Datlow. Ellen will also be writing extensively about Spectral’s debut year in her summary, to be published as an introduction to the book. The volume is due to be released this Spring and will be available through all the usual outlets.

MORE good news for Alison – if you’re British, then you will know of Richard and Judy’s Book Club. Alison’s debut novel, A Cold Season (Jo Fletcher Books), has been selected by the club as the Book of the Month for March. Congratulations to Alison for making such enormous strides in her career in so short a time!! The book is launched next week, an event I am looking forward to immensely, plus I am extremely proud to be publishing her chapbook in June this year!!

A small bit of news…

It is with enormous pleasure that I can tell you that Gary McMahon’s Spectral Press chapbook, What They Hear in the Dark, has been recommended for the prestigious Stoker Awards in the Short Fiction category. Bearing in mind that it is only a recommendation and that it has a long way to go yet before it might get put on the ballot, this is still a development I find extremely gratifying, in terms of what I’m trying to achieve with the imprint. It shows me that I’m on the right track with it all, plus that Gary is a great writer. But, if it does go to the ballot stage, however, then even better, and of course I am really hoping it does, as that would be even further validation, so to speak. At any rate, I wish massive amounts of good luck to Gary in the awards!

Good luck is also winging its way to two other future Spectral authors. Simon Bestwick, author of the forthcoming Cold Havens Spectral chapbook, has recommendations in the same awards too, for TWO stories, Dermot (which appeared in Black Static #24) and The Moraine (Terror Tales of the Lake District).  Alison J. Littlewood, whose The Eyes of Water chapbook appears in June next year, has received a recommendation for her story The Pool, which originally appeared in Shadows & Tall Trees #2. It’s nice to see good authors getting some much-deserved recognition!

It has to be observed that the Stoker Awards recommendations list contains some pretty stiff competition, as it does every year, but from Spectral’s perspective this is definitely a step in the right direction and this in its very first year of existence. This will only encourage me to push the quality and strengths of the imprint even further, to ensure that Spectral realises the fullest potential it’s capable of. I shall round this off by saying that, so far, my expectations for how I saw Spectral Press developing have been far exceeded – so let’s see what the next year will bring!!

Onwards and upwards!!