The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark: an update

"The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark", Cover image ©  1971 - 2013 Graham Morris. Design by John Oakey.

“The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark”, Cover image © 1971 – 2013 Graham Morris. Design by John Oakey.

Customers who have ordered the unsigned hardback edition of this book will be pleased to know that it is being sent off to be printed this morning. The delay is entirely due to the relocation of Spectral Headquarters – we’re still battling boxes here at Château Spectrale and they appear to be never-ending! Rest assured that the book will be sent to customers as soon as the printers can get them here.

Inevitably, this has had a knock-on effect on the Deluxe edition – it is being designed as we speak and that, too, will be sent for printing as soon as is practicable. We apologise unreservedly to all those who ordered this version of the book for the delays. As recompense, we will be including a surprise bonus in book, which will make it even more complete than it already is. This is now likely to appear sometime in February.

You can order copies of the various edition on the buttons below:



Foreword by MARK GATISS

Introduction by TONY EARNSHAW

Seven short stories by M. R. JAMESThe Stalls of Barchester CathedralThe Treasure of Abbot ThomasA Warning to the CuriousThe Ash TreeLost HeartsCasting the RunesCount Magnus

Exclusive new introductions to each story by LAWRENCE GORDON CLARK


Illustrated with photographs as well as chapter heading vignettes (by Nick Gucker)


£45 UK

£47 EU

$80 US

PAPERBACK (Unlimited):

Foreword by MARK GATISS

Introduction by TONY EARNSHAW

Seven short stories by M. R. JAMESThe Stalls of Barchester CathedralThe Treasure of Abbot ThomasA Warning to the CuriousThe Ash TreeLost HeartsCasting the RunesCount Magnus

Exclusive new introductions to each story by LAWRENCE GORDON CLARK


Basic edition – text only plus chapter heading vignettes by Nick Gucker.


£17.50 UK

£19.50 EU

$30 US

Review and news – 23:04:2013

Whitstable cover image

To kick proceedings off on this sunny Tuesday morning, here’s a new review of Whitstable written by Gef Fox of the Wag the Fox review blog – as usual, just click on the link here to find out what he said.


It is with great pleasure that we can announce that orders for the paperback edition of Stephen Volk’s novella are now open. This edition is exactly the same as the hardback, so includes the Afterword by acclaimed British novelist Mark Morris, and it will be published at the same time as the hardback. There will also be an eBook version available a week or so after the publication of the physical books. Prices below INCLUDE postage & packing.  Buy your copy today!

£15 UK

£17.50 EU

$29 USA

$29 RoW

The books will be sent out as soon as they’re ready next month – look forward to hearing from you!

Creakers by Paul Kane

Creakers front cover by Neil Williams

The latest Spectral chapbook, Volume IX in the series, will be available around the middle of this month – but you’ll be wanting to know the low-down on this little story, won’t you? Here it is, then:

“You can never go back… not that Ray Johnson wants to.

But when his mother passes away, he’s forced to return to get the family home ready for sale. Once there, he finds memories – some good, some bad – but something else: strange noises, in particular an odd creaking sound; strange phenomena he can’t explain; things he must face before he can move on. Things he must face in order to survive…”

‘Creakers aches with all that comes from growing up and facing the things that haunt us.’ – from the introduction by Sarah Pinborough – award-winning author of The Dog-Faced Gods trilogy.

‘Paul Kane is a first-rate storyteller, never failing to marry his insights into the world and its anguish with the pleasures of phrases eloquently turned.’ — Clive Barker – bestselling author of The Hellbound Heart, Abarat and Mr B. Gone, director of Hellraiser, Nightbreed and Lord of Illusions).

Paul Kane is the award-winning, bestselling author and editor of over thirty books – including the Arrowhead trilogy, The Butterfly Man and Other Stories, Hellbound Hearts and The Mammoth Book of Body Horror. His work has been optioned and adapted for the big and small screen, and his latest novels are Lunar (set to be turned into a feature film) and the Y.A. story The Rainbow Man (as P.B. Kane). He lives in Derbyshire, UK, with his wife Marie O’Regan, his family and a black cat called Mina. Find out more at 


Available in a signed and numbered limited edition of 125 only, they can be bought individually (PLEASE NOTE: there are only FOURTEEN copies left of this issue) at £4UK/£7.00EU/$16US/$16RoW (all prices inclusive of P+P – if you want an issue sent ‘signed for’ to ensure delivery please contact Spectral first). Subscriptions can also be taken out at £16UK/£23.50EU /$45US/ $45US RoW per sub per year (again, all prices inclusive of postage and packing). There are now also options to order 3 year and 5 year subs – please refer to Paypal buttons in right sidebar for prices. Send remittance via for single issues via Paypal to spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

13 Ghosts: hardbacks and paperbacks

The 13 Ghosts of Christmas cover image

Okay, for those who would like to grab copies of The 13 Ghosts of Christmas, in either the hardback or paperback editions, we’ve conveniently put the Paypal buttons here in one blog. All prices include post and packing.

PLEASE NOTE: There are very numbers of each edition available – act now!!


£27.00 UK

40€ EU

$50.00 US & RoW


£12.50 UK

£15 EU

$22 US and RoW

Look forward to hearing from you!!

The Respectable Face of Tyranny in paperback

The Respectable Face of Tyranny by Gary Fry cover image

The reviews for the debut novella in the Spectral Visions line, Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny, have started to come in, and they’ve all been extremely positive. Although the limited hardback edition has sold out, you needn’t miss out on this excellent Lovecraftian/Blackwoodian tale of the malign supernatural underpinnings of modern life, as the paperback edition is available from us here at Spectral Towers for the measly sum of £5.99 if you’re in the UK or 9€ Europe or $12 everywhere else – we’ve made it even more convenient for you by providing handy Paypal buttons below, so a copy can be  yours via a simple couple of clicks. (Don’t have Paypal? Contact Spectral by email on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT] com for details of other methods of payment)

Prices include postage and packing.

UK – £5.99 (£4.99 + £1 p&p)

EU – 9€ (6€ + 3€ p&p)

USA  – $12 ($8 + $4 s&h)

RoW – $12 ($8 + $4 p&p)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

A review and an update

Another fine write-up of Gary Fry’s Abolisher of Roses was posted recently on The Eloquent Page website, which you can read here. I’m especially chuffed that Spectral has, in its own small way, helped rejuvenate the reviewer’s interest in the short story form – that’s one of the raisons d’etre of the imprint’s existence, to inspire people to read more shorter fiction pieces.

Also, there are now only SIX copies of Spectral Volume I, Gary McMahon’s What They Hear in the Dark, left – so I suggest you get your skates on people!! As fine an example of grim as you can get anywhere, and at a reasonable price too… =)

SPECTRAL PRESS I: What They Hear in the Dark by Gary McMahon

An absence is more terrifying than a presence…

Rob and Becky bought the old place after the death of their son, to repair and renovate – to patch things up and make the building habitable.

They both knew that they were trying to fix more than the house, but the cracks in their marriage could not be papered over.

Then they found the Quiet Room.”

“Gary McMahon’s horror is heartfelt…” –Tim Lebbon

22pg A5 print booklet with card covers, signed and numbered, 100 only – published January 2011.

Available from the publishers – Spectral Press, 5 Serjeants Green, Neath Hill, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK14 6HA, UK for £3 (plus 50p P+P) either through Paypal ( or cheque (made payable to ‘Simon Marshall-Jones’) to the address above. Subscriptions for 2011 issues (3) available for £10 – payment details as above. US/RoW please email for prices to your countries…



Subscribers, please note: this issue will be sent out in early January due to it being THAT time of year and the possible inclement weather that’s been forecast…. Spectral Volume I is currently at the printers and the signature sheets are in Gary’s hands… return expected any day now… =D


You can now buy your subs for Spectral Press chapbooks (or individual copies, if you wish), direct. The new bank account is up and runnning, which means that you now have the privilege of having the whole of the first year’s publications sent right to your door (see previous blog entry) AND you’ll be able to enter the subscriber-only prize draw (for details of the prize, please see below). You can now pay through Paypal and each sub will cost £10UK/£12EU /$20US/ $25US RoW (all prices inclusive of postage and packing). Individual chapbooks will be available for £3.50UK/£4EU/$6.50US/$10RoW (again all prices inclusive of p+p). You can send remittances to spectralpress[at]gmail[dot]com.

When you do so, your name will be entered into the prize-draw, where you stand the chance of winning a specially signed and framed edition of the first chapbook by Gary McMahon. Alongside it will be a copy of the annotated manuscript, which means that Gary has scribbled all over it in red pen – and he’s even signed it and drawn a little doodle of a smiley horned creature on it as well (very cute, in the way that only Gary understands the word). The winner might even get a free subscription extension for another year on top of that…

So, what are you waiting for? Get subbing NOW!!