Black Static 23….

… has a review of Abolisher of Roses within the Casenotes section, written and compiled by Peter Tennant. You’ll have to buy a copy of the magazine to get the full review, but Peter says, in conclusion, that ‘…[Abolisher of Roses] is both disturbing and compelling, a story that is a complex, character-driven piece and at the same time directly addresses philosophical concerns as to the usefulness of art.’

Chalk up yet another positive review for Gary Fry’s chapbook and, by extension, the Spectral Press imprint. Get your copy of Black Static #23 now, available from here.


Black Static review…

Gary McMahon’s What They Hear in the Dark (otherwise known as Spectral Volume I) has been reviewed by Peter Tennant in the Casenotes section of the latest issue (#22) of TTA Press’ Black Static magazine. In it, Peter calls it “…an impressive debut…” for Spectral and the tale itself is “… a strange and moving story…” and praises “… McMahon’s skill at bending past and present, capturing the stress lines of fractured relationships and damaged people…”… BUT you’ll have to purchase the magazine itself to see what else he says about it. It’s available from here.

Also in issue 22 are stories from future Spectral contributors Alison J. Littlewood (Black Feathers) and Simon Kurt Unsworth (Child), as well as Stephen Volk’s regular Coffinmaker’s Blues column – which makes it WELL worth getting your mitts on!! Do it now!