Tim Dry’s Ricochet and other news

"Ricochet" by Tim Dry ©2015 Tim Dry/Theatrum Mundi. Artwork ©2015 John Oakey

“Ricochet” by Tim Dry ©2015 Tim Dry/Theatrum Mundi. Artwork ©2015 John Oakey

Ricochet, Tim Dry’s debut novella, will be published towards the the end of February through Theatrum Mundi – it’s on preorder now (see Paypal buttons below). In the meantime, read what Barbie Wilde, Actress (Hellraiser II: Hellbound, Death Wish 3) and Author (The Venus Complex, “Zulu Zombies”, “Sister Cilice”) says about Tim’s book:

“Surrealistic, bizarre, ironic, funny, haunting, poetic. These are the words that popped into my mind while I was reading Ricochet, actor and artist Tim Dry’s debut novella. The way that Dry synthesises his thoughts from mind to page makes him a wildly inventive word artist. Read this book — not for its narrative arc, as this novella is a series of vignettes and short stories — but for the sheer exhilaration of a literary roller coaster ride through Dry’s vivid and audacious imagination. My personal favorites were: the mysterious fate of Trojan Darkly; Baudelaire and the Angel of Death; the blackly disturbing incident at the cliff; Michael Caine and the giant slugs; the clairvoyant’s extraordinary end; the nightmares of the Circle Line; and Ellen’s alien Nazi night visitors. Entertaining to the max and highly recommended.”


UK £10

EU £15

US & RoW $30


Spectral is pleased to announce that in December 2016 we will be publishing, through the Theatrum Mundi imprint, Lavie Tidhar’s Learning to Read with the Necronomicon, his take on Alice in Wonderland – that is, if HP Lovecraft had been asked to write it. Thoroughly bizarre in truly Carrollian fashion, it will be illustrated by Sarah Anne Langton and will be released in small hardback format, in the style of a Victorian children’s book with coloured boards. This is going to be quite a special little item. More details to follow.