Tim Lebbon’s Still Life: cover reveal!

We here at Spectral Towers know that it’s been a while in coming, but we can assure you the wait has been absolutely worth it. So, without further ado, we are proud to present the cover artwork for Tim Lebbon‘s Still Life novella, due to be launched at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton at the end of next month

"Still Life" cover artwork © 2013 Jim Burns. "Still Life" © 2013 Tim Lebbon.  All rights reserved. © Spectral Press 2013

“Still Life” cover artwork © 2013 Jim Burns. “Still Life” © 2013 Tim Lebbon. All rights reserved. © Spectral Press 2013

The painting’s by the legendary science fiction artist Jim Burns, whose work has graced many of the finest writers’ books for many decades and which can be found in bookshops all over the world. The actual launch of Still Life (alongside the other book being debuted at WFC, Paul Kane‘s Ghosts collection) will not only include the authors themselves signing copies, but also Jim and Edward Miller (cover artist for Ghosts) as well as Nancy Kilpatrick, who wrote the introduction to Paul’s short story volume. Now, that’s a package no one could possibly refuse!

Both books are now available on preorder – for those who can’t make it to the Brighton event. You can either order them separately OR take advantage of the SPECIAL COMBINED OFFER where you pay £15 each rather than £17.50, plus £5 postage, thus making a little saving. The Paypal buttons are below – but if you want to pay by cheque or bank transfer, please contact Simon Marshall-Jones at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com for more information.

STILL LIFE by Tim Lebbon

Jenni’s husband was part of the Road of Souls––his flesh swarmed by ants and pecked by rooks, bones crushed to powder by wheels of dread––and yet she still saw him in the pool.

            The incursion has been and gone, the war is over, and the enemy is in the land, remote and ambiguous.  The village outskirts are guarded by vicious beasts, making escape impossible.  The village itself is controlled by the Finks, human servants to the enemy––brutal, callous, almost untouchable. 

            Everything is less than it was before… time seems to move slower, the population is much denuded, and life itself seems to hold little purpose.  This is not living, it’s existing.

            But in a subjugated population, there is always resistance. 

            For Jenni, the happiest part of this new life is visiting the pool in the woods, seeing her dead husband within, and sharing memories of happier times.  It calms her and makes her feel alive.

            But the resistance comes to her for help. 

            And when her dead husband tells her it is time to fight, Jenni’s life is destined for a shattering change.  

“Tim Lebbon conjures up the horror of a world distorted by fear, distrust, and something unspeakable. With respectful nods to H.P Lovecraft Still Life rubs reality up against nightmares in this compact, engrossing treat.” Muriel Gray

Available in a limited signed hardback edition of 125 only.

UK £21

EU £23.50

US & RoW $42

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SPECIAL COMBINED OFFER (Still Life by Tim Lebbon [Spectral Visions IV] + Ghosts by Paul Kane [Spectral Collection I])

UK £35

EU £42

US & RoW $90

Safe Harbour by Edward Miller ©2007 - 2013. All rights reserved

Safe Harbour by Edward Miller ©2007 – 2013. All rights reserved

They are all around us all the time. But only a few make contact, and only certain people are destined to see the Ghosts. Here, you’ll read a lonely shade’s tale… a deceased old man’s house being invaded… how one person discovers the true meaning of the Christmas spirit, while a parent struggles to come to terms with the sad loss of a child… and what happens when the ghosts of war go on the rampage, or when a monstrous wraith stalks the streets looking for revenge. Gathering together all of award-winning and bestselling author Paul Kane’s supernatural fiction, including three brand new stories–one a sequel to Charles Dickens’ ‘The Signal-Man’–and featuring an introduction from bestselling horror author Nancy Kilpatrick (Power of the Blood World series), the script of Wind Chimes introduced by its director Brad Watson (7th Dimension) as well as a DVD of the film itself, plus suitably atmospheric cover art from Edward Miller, this is one collection that will haunt you forever.

Ghosts by Paul Kane (Spectral Collection I) – Available in a limited signed hardback edition of 125 only.

UK £21

EU £23.50

US & RoW $42

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News 05:08:2013

Safe Harbour by Edward Miller ©2007 - 2013. All rights reserved

Safe Harbour by Edward Miller ©2007 – 2013. All rights reserved

So, to brighten up this dreary Monday morning, let’s give you some news about some forthcoming publications…

The cover picture above is from Paul Kane’s Ghosts supernatural fiction collection due to be launched at World Fantasy Con in Brighton in November. It’s by Edward Miller, and we think it’s a wonderfully evocative piece which conveys the atmosphere of the book admirably. The hardback edition will also feature Paul Kane’s script to the  Wind Chimes film, which has been featured on TV and in Fangoria magazine, and there’ll be a little introduction by the film’s director Brad Watson. Even better than just reading the script, you will be able to watch the film as there will be a DVD of Wind Chimes as a bonus extra.

Launching at the same event will be Tim Lebbon’s Still Life novella, and that one will be wrapped up in a cover by renowned artist Jim Burns, whose work has graced many bestsellers over the years. As soon as we have the cover concept we’ll be sure to show you right here!

Spectral is planning to put HALF of each hardback print run on pre-order next month, while the rest will be for the WFC launch – this is to give EVERYONE a chance to get hold of copies. If you want to maker sure of your copy now please email spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com to reserve your copy. They are expected to retail around £20 each (plus p+p), but a special price will offered if you pre-order both (and you’ll save on postage that way, too).

Roll on World Fantasy Con 2013!