News 25:03:2015

First let’s have some acquisition news:


We are immensely pleased to announce that Paul Meloy will be joining the roster of Theatrum Mundi with a novella, called Junction Creature, the first of a series set in the same universe. If any of you subscribe to Black Static then you will have read his Reclamation Yard contribution in #40 of that magazine. In fact, the story called Junction Creature is mentioned the Black Static story, in a neat twist of meta-fictionalising. Paul’s novella will be available towards the end of next year, but we’re already looking forward to it.

Now, in a slight departure from our regular schedule, here’s some news about Spectral Press boss Simon Marshall-Jones:

"The Black Ship" by Jim Burns ©2015

“The Black Ship” by Jim Burns ©2015

Not only does Simon edit fiction, but he also writes it.  His debut collection of short science-fiction/contemporary fantasy/magico-fantastic realist stories, Biblia Longcrofta. will be published by Tickety Boo Press on April 30th 2015, and features an introduction by Steven Savile and cover artwork by esteemed and very well-known artist Jim Burns (see image above). The huge vessel seen in the image is featured in one of the stories, and Simon avers that Jim has captured its bulk and immensity absolutely perfectly. Copies are available to preorder, available in limited hardback in handmade wooden box (£75), normal hardback (£25), and paperback (£9.99). You can order them HERE or by emailing