Acquisitions news

"The Witch's Scale" by Angela Slatter. Cover artwork "Hexenwippeoel" © Michael Hutter

“The Witch’s Scale” by Angela Slatter. Cover artwork “Hexenwippeoel” © Michael Hutter

For those with long memories, sometime ago we told you about a novella, featuring cover artwork by Michael Hutter (see above), from Angela Slatter called The Witch’s Scale – it is scheduled for publication next year, along with more novellas from women writers including Kathe Koja and at least one other who shall remain nameless for the moment while negotiations are ongoing. We are also hoping that a few more will come on-board as well.

The Grieving Stones

Also coming next year, in January, will be Gary McMahon’s novella The Grieving Stones, which sees him at the top of his form. Deeply unsettling, spooky yet deliciously ambiguous, this is a story which will linger with you for a long time. We here at Spectral definitely think it’s one of his best. Additionally, its publication will mark Spectral Press’ 5th anniversary, so it’ll be good to have the author who launched the imprint with What They Hear in the Dark back once again.

Glyphotech by Mark Samuels. Cover artwork  © PS Publishing

Glyphotech by Mark Samuels. Cover artwork © PS Publishing

We are also very pleased to announce that Mark Samuels’ collection Glyphotech and Other Macabre Processes, long out of print, will be be reissued in paperback with a new cover and bonus stories. It was originally published by PS Publishing, and Mark is one of our finest, but egregiously underrated, writers of weird fiction in the UK. We hope this new edition will go some small way of spreading his work to a wider audience.

More details of all books in due course.