News – 03:04:2013

Whitstable cover image

First, here’s a little article about Peter Cushing and Stephen Volk’s Whitstable that appeared yesterday at Gef Fox’s Wag the Fox blog, written by Simon Marshall-Jones of Spectral. The article gives an insight into the actor and why Stephen wrote the novella, as well as what drives the narrative. You can read the piece here.

Spectral slipcases

As many of you will know, this year will see the publication of This Spectral Season, a single volume gathering all eight chapbooks from Spectral’s first two years, together with some new material from each contributor. The volume will be available as an unlimited paperback and an eBook.. In addition to those, there will also be a very limited edition of TEN sets of all eight chapbooks in their original format, signed and presented in their own slipcase. The slipcases are hand-covered in red Wibalin cloth with the Spectral logo gold foil stamped on the spine, and the contents held in by a custom obi strip, printed on fine quality paper as befits such a piece. Publication date has yet to be set – but is most likely to be this summer. Watch out for further details!

Talking of slipcases, the standard ones are still available for order – black Wibalin cloth with the Spectral logo silver foil stamped on the spine. They are designed to keep all those lovely chapbooks pristine and in order, plus they look absolutely magnificent displayed on the bookshelf! Just pop on over to the Spectral Shop to buy one today!

Onwards and upwards! =)

Whitstable: news and pre-orders

Whitstable cover image

As most of you horror aficionados know, 2013 is the centenary of one of the finest actors Britain has ever produced – Peter Cushing. There will be many celebrations to mark the event, and Spectral Press is joining in by publishing a novella, called Whitstable by Stephen Volk, the writer mostly known for his groundbreaking drama Ghostwatch and the recent celluloid chiller The Awakening. The novella is set, as the title implies, in his beloved home town of Whitstable, situated on the Kent coast. Although there are no supernatural elements present in the story, the monsters Peter fights are all too real.

There will, of course, be a campaign to promote its release in May, including a competition to be run in conjunction with The Classic Horror Campaign, wherein one lucky person will win a signed copy. Also, internationally renowned magazine Fortean Times will be running a feature on Peter Cushing by Mr. Volk, with reference to the novella including a short extract from it. In tandem, Fortean Times  will also be holding a competition/giveaway, with signed books up for grabs.

In view of the likely popularity of the book, we here at Spectral Press have decided to put the limited hardback edition (signed and numbered) on pre-order now, rather than later, so people can assure themselves of obtaining a copy of this absolutely wonderful book. We are also offering, in conjunction with Cosmic Hobo Productions, a special deal which includes a copy of the 2CD set of Peter narrating his memoirs of the Hammer years. Below are two price points: one for just the book only and the other for the book and 2CD offer.

All prices include postage and packing.

£21 Whitstable HB UK

£28 Whitstable HB + 2 CD UK

£23.50 Whitstable HB (EU)

£31.50 Whitstable HB + 2CD (EU)

$45 Whitstable HB (US & RoW)

$57 Whitstable HB + 2CD (US & RoW)

Look forward to hearing from you!