Special offer: Leytonstone, Albion Fay, & The Bureau of Them

All three of the titles mentioned in the heading will be launched at Edge-Lit 4 this year in Derby, UK on July 11th, where the authors will be in attendance to sign copies. But we here at Chateau Spectrale like to share the love around, and so we have decided to make all three limited hardbacks available as a package at a special price for a limited time (until the end of the month). All prices include postage to the respective regions of the globe.

LEYTONSTONE by Stephen Volk

"Leytonstone" ©Stephen Volk/Spectral Press 2014. Artwork ©Ben Baldwin 2014

“Leytonstone” ©Stephen Volk/Spectral Press 2014. Artwork ©Ben Baldwin 2014

One evening in 1906 a chubby little boy of seven, son of a London greengrocer, is taken by his father to visit the local police station.

There he suddenly finds himself, inexplicably, locked up for a crime he hasn’t committed – or has he? Blinking into sunlight, traumatized by his overnight stay, he is told by his father the next morning: “Now you know what happens to naughty little boys!” But the incident is the catalyst for a series of events that will scar, and create, the world’s leading Master of Terror in the century to come…

The boy is Alfred Hitchcock.

ALBION FAY by Mark Morris

Albio Fay ©2014 Mark Morris/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Ben Baldwin

Albio Fay ©2014 Mark Morris/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Ben Baldwin

Albion Fay, a holiday house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature’s bounty. For the adults, a time for relaxation and to recharge the batteries, while for the children, a chance for exploration and adventure in the English countryside. A happy time for all: nothing could possibly go wrong. Or could it? What should be a magical time ends in tragedy – but what really happened that summer?

THE BUREAU OF THEM by Cate Gardner

You’re not the first to talk to your dead here, the vagrant said. The living always chase after their dead until they come upon their own.

Formed from shadow and dust, ghosts inhabit the abandoned office building, angry at the world that denies them. When Katy sees her deceased boyfriend in the window of the derelict building, she finds a way in, hoping to be reunited. Instead, the dead ignore, the dead do not see and only the monster that is Yarker Ryland has need of her there.


£50UK (Normally £63 incl. p+p)

£60EU (Normally £72 incl. of p+p)


$120US & RoW (Normally $150 incl. of p+p)

13 Ghosts & Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine: special offers!

The 13 Ghosts of Christmas


As we mentioned a couple of blogs ago, there will be no Christmas Ghost Story annual this year, due to moving house and all the disruption that entails. As recompense we are offering anyone who didn’t buy last year’s edition the chance to get copies at a great price and, if you live in the UK, then postage is free. Checkout the prices below!

UK £5 post free

EU £8 (incl. p+p)

US & RoW $18 (incl. p+p)

We also have a very limited number of the hardbacks left (fewer than TEN copies) – if you want one then please contact us at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com for details. Hardbacks will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine cover image

Get your paperback copies of this British Fantasy Award-winning novella from the inimitable John Llewellyn Probert at a ridiculously cheap price – get them now before Dr. Edward Valentine hears about and plans something suitably gory as a riposte.

UK £5 post free

EU £8  (incl. p+p)

US & RoW $18  (incl. p+p)

Look forward to hearing from you!

News: Spectral is on the move!

Spectral Press logoSpectral is ACTUALLY on the move, as next month we’ll be dismantling the Tower and taking it (and the imprint) lock, stock and barrel to new environs. These are exciting times, and we very much look forward to effecting the move as efficiently and quickly as we can, with as little disruption to service as possible. However, unfortunately, the timing of the move has had a knock-on effect with our publishing schedule as you can imagine, so please bear with us. Read on to find out what’s happening.

Firstly, there will be no Christmas Ghost Story Annual this year – there just won’t be the time to devote to it to do it justice. Rest assured, however, it WILL be back again next year! Apologies to all who were looking forward to the volume! Also, for those who missed last year’s debut of the annual, there’ll be a special offer on the paperbacks coming next week – look out for that.

Secondly, the hardback editions of The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark will be delayed until sometime in January – again, apologies for any inconvenience. We will be messaging all those who bought copies individually to let them know about this situation. However, it also means that we can concentrate on taking the time to produce something extra special and beautiful.

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their patience this year – matters haven’t always gone smoothly on several projects, but we tried our best to minimise the disruption. Your co-operation is very much appreciated!

Onwards and upwards!

Award-winning offer: The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine cover image

To celebrate John Llewellyn Probert winning the British Fantasy Award for Best Novella at the World Fantasy Convention last weekend, we are making the paperback of The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine available at bargain prices for those who haven’t yet had the immense pleasure of reading John’s gory and blackly comedic paean to the films of Vincent Price. Here’s the press release blurb:

“Someone is killing doctors in the style of the murders in Vincent Price movies, leaving the Bristol police baffled. The only man who could possibly be responsible died years ago . . . or did he . . .?”

The police in Bristol have been confronted by a series of the most perplexingly elaborate deaths they’ve ever encountered in all their years of murder enquiries. The only thing which connects them is their seemingly random nature and their sheer outrageousness. As Detective Inspector Longdon and his assistant Sergeant Jenny Newham (with the help of pathologist Dr. Richard Patterson) race against time to find the murderer, they eventually realise that the link which connects the killings is even more bizarre than any of them dared to think…

As a further incentive the book is postage free in the UK – sadly we can’t offer the same elsewhere,  but the prices quoted do include postage.

UK £5

EU £8

US & RoW $18

Look forward to hearing from you!

Review and news – 15:01:2013

The 13 Ghosts of Christmas cover image

First up this morning is this review of The 13 Ghosts of Christmas from Riju Ganguly, posted to his Thoughts of a Perceptive Reader blog – the write-up can be accessed by clicking here.



For the very first time since the chapbooks were launched two years ago it looks like they could be reaching the fully 100% subscribed mark – there are fewer than TEN (10) places left before they will be. And the next chapbook, Paul Kane’s Creakers, is bound to go fast as the Arrowhead trilogy author is a popular writer. And the best way to ensure that you do secure a copy is to subscribe, which couldn’t be simpler!

Yearly (4 issue) subscriptions cost £16UK/£23.50EU /$45US/ $45US RoW and there are handy Paypal buttons down the right-hand side of this blog. To make it a little sweeter, if you order a subscription before midnight GMT tomorrow (Wednesday) then we will throw in an extra issue, making it five for the price of four. (Individual issues can also be bought: £4UK/£7.00EU/$16US/$16RoW – contact us on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com for details).


In the near future, Spectral subscribers will be able to keep the chapbook collection nice and safe with one of our custom slipcases. Each one will be a stylish way of keeping all those lovely little books together and stop them getting damaged. Measuring 213mm x 47mm x 149mm and covered in black buckram with the Spectral logo silver foil blocked on the spine, they are just the right size to hold two years’ worth of chapbooks, in other words 8 issues. They will retail at £8 each + postage (ie £10 all in) or £15 for two (+ postage).

They won’t be ready for a month or two, but I would encourage people to send us an email (spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com) to register your interest in buying one. They will also be offered as an option when ordering a new subscription.

Onward and upward!

Another Spectral miscellany

Spectral Press logo


As a special treat to you all you lovely people out there, we’re offering the two Spectral Visions novellas we’ve recently published in paperback, The Respectable Face of Tyranny by Gary Fry and The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine, as a bundle at a bargain price of £9 (plus P+P). All you need do to secure them is to click on the requisite button below and we’ll do the rest (all prices include P+P):

UK £11.50

EU £13.00

USA & ROW $23

Supplies are extremely limited, so hurry and order your copies now! If you want to pay by any other means, then please contact us on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we’ll let you know the details.


The Christmas Ghost Story Annual is coming along very nicely, and the final selection has almost been made. There’ll be some familiar names and some less well-known, but all the stories are excellent examples of modern interpretations (and reinterpretations) of the classic ghost story. The selection spans all styles, from grim to blackly comedic, and so there should be something for everyone in there.

We here at Spectral were impressed by the quality of submissions – in fact, there were enough to nearly fill next year’s annual in addition to this year’s. Authors will be contacted very soon as to whether they were successful or not – so keep looking in your inbox over the next few days!

There was one surprise: Simon Bestwick’s tale ‘The Judgement Call’ so impressed us that it’s going to replace the originally planned chapbook of his which was due to be published in June next year. Now, we are looking to publish ‘The Judgement Call’ in either September 2013 (as a taster for the Ghost Story Annual) or December 2013. Keep checking back here as more details become available.

Onwards and upwards!

FantasyCon 2012: paperback offer

The Respectable Face of Tyranny cover image

For those of you out there who are going to be at the event of the year in Brighton between the 28th and 30th of this month, there will be a special offer available to attendees on the paperback editions of Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny and John L. Probert’s The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine – in other words, if you buy both at the same time, it’ll only cost you £9 instead of £11. They will still be available separately at the usual prices.

Look forward to seeing you there!

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine cover image