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Spectral Press logoAs some of you might have noticed, there are new subscription rates under the Paypal buttons on the right-hand side of this blog: this is entirely due to the recent (quite ridiculous, in our opinion) Royal Mail increases in postage rates. We have endeavoured to make the rise in prices as minimal as possible, but we also fervently believe that, even so, it still represents remarkable value for money. Subscribers will still receive very high quality chapbooks containing excellent stories by some of the best writers currently working in the supernatural fiction arena – that aspect of our ethos will never change. Hopefully, this will also be the last hike in prices for a long while.

The new rates are as follows:

UK: £16 1yr/£48.50 3yr/£80.50 5yr

EU: £23.50 1yr/£70 3yr/£116 5yr

US: $45 1yr/$135 3yr/$225 5yr

RoW: $45 1yr/$135 3yr/$225 5yr

Those whose subscriptions are up for renewal will also be receiving a renewal reminder and a notice about the new rates with their latest chapbook.

Onwards and upwards!

Spectral news 21:05:2012

Spectral Press logoTo start the week off on some positive notes we thought we’d talk about some things going on in the world of Spectral. First, Alison Littlewood’s chapbook The Eyes of Water will be available within the next two to three weeks.  It’s a fantastic little tale, inspired by a trip to Mexico and a visit to the cenotés of the Yucatán. These flooded cave systems are as dangerous as they are beautiful, as Rick is about to discover…

Secondly, the cover to John Llewellyn Probert’s magnum opus, The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine, is currently being put together by JD Busch – preliminary sketches should be with us soon and then will come the exciting process of turning it into a fabulous cover image. We can’t wait to see what JD comes up with, but his ideas so far are definitely in tune with what we had in mind.

There’s been another quotable quote sent to us for Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny novella, this time from Laird Barron, author of The Croning, who said of it:

The Respectable Face of Tyranny is a bleak tale of personal hell set against a canvas of cosmic horror. In revealing the machinery that powers modern civilization, [Gary] Fry’s gaze is pitiless. Almost as pitiless as the dark forces that feed upon hapless humankind.”

There’s also a new Amazon review of the novella courtesy of Gef Fox (Wag The Fox), which you can find here.

Onto other stuff:

In the New Year (yes, we plan that far ahead), the print run of each chapbook will increase to 125 to allow more people to acquaint themselves with both the chapbooks and the imprint, as well as get to know the work of some of the best authors out there. However, subscriptions to the chapbooks will be increasing in January, too, due to increased postage costs: they are still available at the old price, from Volume VIII onwards, until the end of this year – so take advantage by ordering a subscription now to save some money before the price rise (includes resubscribers).

A word about the future: we here at Spectral Towers are mooting the possibility of increasing the number of chapbook issues to six per year, ie from quarterly to one every two months. This is JUST a possibility at present and an idea we’re throwing around: one of the reasons we’re thinking this way, however, is the fact that we have many wonderful authors lined up to appear in chapbooks and this would be one way of reducing the waiting time for them. We are envisaging, however, that it won’t be happening before the March 2014 issue, Volume XIII, at the earliest. Comments are more than welcome upon the subject – nay, are actively encouraged.

There are a couple of other exciting developments in the initial planning stages, but we’re keeping those under wraps for later in the year until we’ve fleshed them out more fully. We here at Spectral are confident that the imprint has a good future ahead of it, and we certainly intend on keeping moving forward, albeit at a comfortable pace and without overstretching things. We sincerely hope that you’ll be here to share that future with us.

The Eyes of Water by Alison Littlewood: promo video

Eyes of Water Front Cover

Once again, Mark West of Rude Dude Films has put together a short promo video for the next chapbook, Alison Littlewood’s sold out The Eyes of Water, to give you an idea of what it’s all about. It captures perfectly the stunning beauty of the Mexican cenotes in which the story is set – but still, behind that beauty lurks danger for the unwary….

Thanks to Mark for his work on this one…

Talking of being sold out, this neatly brings me on to the issue of subscriptions – many of you are now coming up to the end of your current subs (with most ending with Volume VII), so I would humbly suggest that any who wish to continue subbing should renew as soon as possible because these little chapbooks tend to sell out quickly. Another incentive is that the yearly price will soon be going up (but only slightly) in line with the recent ludicrous increases in Royal Mail postage rates, so buying now will mean that you get your chapbooks at the old rate. We here at Spectral will make it as painless as possible but, rest assured, there will still be the same attention to detail and high quality that are the hallmarks of the imprint. More details will be forthcoming as to when the prices will be increased and what the new rates are going to be.

Following on from that, we have decided that, from the March 2013  issue (Paul Kane’s Creakers – Volume IX), there will also be an increase in the print numbers of each edition, to 125. This is being done to allow more people to experience what Spectral is all about. We think this will be a good move, and is further confirmation that we are heading in the right direction.

Onwards and upwards!

Spectral Press news

Spectral Press logoThe first item on our agenda this morning is to let you know that Mark West’s What Gets Left Behind, Volume VII in the chapbook series, is now SOLD OUT. This means that all subscriptions will now start from the issue following, David Tallerman’s The Way of the Leaves. So, if you’re keen to discover just why this exciting new imprint has made the waves it has in the genre, then may we suggest you take out a subscription immediately – it’s the only surefire way of ensuring you receive every issue Spectral publishes. You will find handy Paypal buttons down the side of this blog, along with several options for how long you can subscribe for – 1, 3 or 5 years. (If you wish to pay by either cheque or bank transfer, then please contact us at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com for more details)

Which brings us on to the next item: the possibility, which we are currently entertaining, of upping the print run of each chapbook slightly. It would only be a small increase, to something like 110 or 125 copies per issue. This is only a possibilty at present, but we think it’s an idea worthy of serious consideration nevertheless. Thoughts are most welcome on this.

Talking of increases, at some point in the near future, the subscription rates will be going up a little – this is entirely unavoidable, as the powers that be at Royal Mail have seen fit to put their rates up, sometimes quite spectacularly so. We will endeavour to keep the price hike to the absolute minimum, in order to make it as painless as possible. Watch out for further details as and when.

And, in something completely unrelated, this is Spectral’s 200th post!

Anyway, we here at Spectral would welcome any suggestions about the proposed increase in the print run of the chapbooks – please do let us know your thoughts!

The Eyes of Water by Alison Littlewood: cover concept

The Eyes of Water by Alison Littlewood

"The Eyes of Water" ©2012 Alison Littlewood/Spectral Press. Cover artwork ©2012 Neil Williams.

Once more it’s time to reveal the cover concept artwork for a forthcoming publication, namely Volume VI in the ever-popular chapbook series of short stories from some of the finest contemporary genre authors. This time it’s the turn of Alison Littlewood, author of A Cold Season, her debut novel, which topped several bestseller lists and was the Pick of the Month for March in Richard & Judy’s Book Club. The beautifully eerie artwork is by the very talented Neil Williams once again, and it absolutely nails the tone and atmosphere of the story to perfection – as you will see when you read the blurb:

“Beneath the world . . .

The Mexican cenotés. Flooded caves that fracture the Yucatan Peninsula – places of mystery, the unexplored, and of ancient sacrifice.

When Alex meets an old friend while travelling, he doesn’t realise how far the encounter will take him. For Rick is exploring deep beneath the surface of the world, discovering new cave systems, one leading to the next. And when Alex is compelled to follow he has no way of knowing just how deep he will be expected to go, or how dark are the places he will find there . . .”

“Littlewood is the real deal, a writer with a unique vision and the talent to make us see the world anew through her eyes.” Peter Tennant, Black Static

Sadly,  the chapbook is already sold out – this is why it is important, if you’re keen on getting hold of any of these highly popular little chapbooks, to take out a subscription. Currently, there are two place left before Volume VII (What Gets Left Behind by Mark West) is also sold out and, once those have gone, subscriptions will start with Volume VIII (The Way of the Leaves by David Tallerman – recent winner of the Spectral Press/This Is Horror short story contest). Paypal buttons can be found down the right-hand side of this blog.

More soon!

News and a few reminders

Spectral Press logoThis blog entry is going to do exactly what it says on the tin – bring you a small bit of news and also remind people of a few things that are going on in the world of Spectral, to wit:


This book has now been printed and delivered to Gary for signing. All copies will start shipping early next week, so people should get their copies in early May at the very latest. To those who bought copies, many thanks for your patience!


There’s a competition for those who buy a paperback copy of Gary Fry’s Spectral Visions novella, The Respectable Face of Tyranny, in which one lucky winner will win a fantastic signed proof-sheet of the book’s cover – you can get the full details of the contest, as well as how to order the book, from here.


Submissions for the first Spectral Christmas Ghost Story Annual are still open, but you now have just over two months in which to get them in – for further details please go here.


Also, subscriptions are still available for the limited quarterly chapbooks – and now you also have the option of subscribing for 1, 3, or 5 years. Currently, all subs will start with issue #7 (Mark West’s What Gets Left Behind) but there are only four places left before it’s sold out. The chapbooks are extremely popular items, often selling out before publication, so it really does pay to take a subscription out if you don’t want to miss another issue. Convenient Paypal buttons to order a subscription can be found down the right-hand side of this blog (if you want to pay by any other method, please contact us at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com – cheques, postal orders and bank transfers acceptable).

Lastly, watch out for some more reviews of current Spectral publications plus further details of the second Spectral Visions novella, The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine by John Llewellyn Probert, due out in September.

Onwards and upwards!

This, that and the other

Spectral LogoFirst up is the news that it looks increasingly likely that there will be a new novella from Spectral in September, being the second in the Spectral Visions line of longer works. Details are still being worked out (and the author in question is currently in the midst of writing it) but keep checking here on the blog for information as and when it becomes available – what we can say, however, that it looks set to be something of a corker!! We are also looking to launch the title at this year’s FantasyCon in Brighton.

The onward march of Spectral Press continues apace – as noted in yesterday’s blog the first Spectral Visions novella, Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny, has officially sold out in hardback from us here at Spectral Towers. There are some copies available from This Is Horror and very soon a selection of other shops in the UK and US will be stocking limited numbers of it – firmer details will be published soon (although you could have a look at yesterday’s blog to see which shops in particular are stocking it).

In the meantime the paperback version is now also available – the only difference between this and the hardback is that the bonus novella featured in the latter (World Wide Web) has been omitted. It’s available now and you can order a copy using the convenient buttons below (if you want to pay by any other means [except credit/debit cards] please email Spectral at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com):

Prices include postage and packing.

UK – £5.99 (£4.99 + £1 p&p)

EU – 9 Euros (6 Euros + 3 Euros p&p)

USA  – $12 ($8 + $4 s&h)

RoW – $12 ($8 + $4 p&p)

The book is also available from Amazon, both in the UK and the US – just follow the links!

(BTW – if you’re wondering why the publisher is listed as Gray Friar Press at Amazon US, the reason’s quite simple – Gary Fry runs that imprint and he ‘lent’ me an ISBN for it until I can buy some of my own! Rest assured that it is still a Spectral Press publication…)


This is as good a time as any to remind people that subscriptions are available for the chapbook series – the only surefire way of ensuring that you receive every single issue of this critically-acclaimed line of books. Even better is that subscribers now have the option to subscribe for 1, 3 or 5 years. Places are extremely limited however, so if you are intending to purchase one then it is suggested that you do so quickly, please. Convenient Paypal buttons can be found down the right-hand side of this blog.

Right, that’s it for today – except to say ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!!

New 2012 Subscription rates: addendum

By now, regular visitors to this website will have noticed that there are now Paypal button options for 3 and 5 year subscriptions, which means they are available immediately and can be ordered directly. 10 year subscriptons are also available – should anyone be interested in purchasing one, please email Spectral directly at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The advantages of taking out either a 3 or 5 year subscription is that you won’t have to remember to resubscribe for a few years, plus you’ll get every issue delivered to your door as each is published. Furthermore, those who take out an extended sub will be eligible for a 10% discount on all future Spectral publications (physical copies only) and associated items. So, it really does make sense to take out a longer-term subscription. This doesn’t just apply to new orders – current subscribers are free to add to their subsciption at any time.

These are exciting times for Spectral – so why not join us and be a part of this thrilling ride!!

Coming Soon: King Death by Paul Finch

In 1348, England is stricken by the Black Death.

The worst pandemic in human history has reached the kingdom of the warlike Edward III, a monarch who in battle against human adversaries cannot imagine defeat.

Two thirds of his subjects now perish. Woods become wild again, farmland goes to rack and ruin, villages, towns and castles are left empty, inhabited only by ghosts.

Little wonder that fear of the supernatural reaches an all-time high. Little wonder stories ignite about witches and demons spreading the plague, about ‘King Death’, an awesome harbinger of doom from whom there is no protection.

Cynical opportunist Rodric doesn’t believe any of these. With reckless indifference, he sets out to enrich himself…

“Paul Finch’s supernatural stories combine a poetic imagination with a sharp eye for the complexities of human evil.” – Joel Lane

Out end of November/beginning of December 2011 – includes an appended glossary of the medieval terms used in the story and (possibly) a short list of recommended reading on the period in which the tale is set.

NEWS: Spectral Volume V – Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Rough Music

As of today, there are only FOUR copies left of this chapbook – so, if you’re intent on purchasing a copy, then I suggest that you get onto it quickly. Simon is a World Fantasy Award nominee, whose work is gathering more than good notices in the press. You can either get an individual copy by sending £3.50UK/£4.50EU/$8US/$12RoW (inclusive of postage) via Paypal to spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com or you can get it as part of a four-issue subscription (Paypal buttons at right-hand side of this website). Get to it!

Spectral chapbooks: the future

This week, much of my time (apart from preparing Paul Finch’s King Death for publication) has been spent in pondering the future direction of the Spectral chapbook editions. I mooted some ideas in the two previous blogposts on how I should proceed regarding edition numbers ie, should I keep them as they are or should I increase them? I asked for feedback from subscribers, readers and others as to what they would like to see – many did contact me, and gave me a good deal to think about.

And so, I’ve come to a decision: the numbers will remain as they are currently, in other words, the edition of 100 limited signed and numbered copies will stand as is. However, every two (or maybe three) years there will be a ‘collected’ edition with all the stories in it PLUS, I hope, some new content as well from the authors featured. This will take the form of a paperback and e-book, at least that’s the plan at the moment. The usual quality and production values people have come to expect from Spectral will be in evidence, of course, no question of it being otherwise. I am looking at publishing the very first of these ‘annuals’ in the summer of 2013 or thereabouts…

As always, feedback is always welcome (in fact, it’s positively encouraged), either here, or on the Spectral Facebook page or directly to me at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Any thoughts on this, or other ideas, would be gratefully received – plus, you can always subscribe to a year’s worth of chapbooks at the same time if you feel so inclined, as it’s the one way to guarantee that you’ll get copies of each and every one of them… =)