News and reviews 14:01:2014

It’s a beautifully sunny but frosty morning here in the grounds of Château Spectrale, and we will celebrate by telling you of some recent reviews which have come our way:

"Ghosts" © Paul Kane/Spectral Press 2013. Artwork © Edward Miller 2007 - 2013.

“Ghosts” © Paul Kane/Spectral Press 2013. Artwork © Edward Miller 2007 – 2013.

First, we have a write-up of our two latest books, Tim Lebbon’s Still Life novella and Paul Kane’s Ghosts collection – this one appears on Anthony Watson’s Dark Musings blog, and clicking here will take you right to it.

Whitstable cover image

Whitstable by Stephen Volk continues to make waves, and to underline that here’s another review of this fantastic book – this one is from Peter Tennant, the reviewer over at extremely well-respected genre magazine Black Static, which was originally published in issue 34 and now appears on Peter’s personal blog. You can read that one by going here.


It has been decided that Simon Bestwick’s chapbook, The Judgement Call, will be published this December. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s a Christmas tale, so this year, Christmas Ghost Story lovers are going to be spoiled: you’ll be getting Simon’s chapbook, Paul Finch’s Sparrowhawk special edition hardback, Ray Cluley’s Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow novellette and, of course, the 2014 edition of The 13 Ghosts of Christmas. Lots to look forward to.

Also, all those who have recently purchased books from us: apologies for the delay in sending them out! We’re still in the process of unpacking all the boxes after our recent relocation – we promise to dispatch them as soon as we are able to. Thanks for your patience!

Simon Bestwick’s The Judgement Call: a preview

Spectral Press logoThe next issue in the Spectral series of chapbooks. Volume XI, will be Simon Bestwick’s The Judgement Call, which will now be available to subscribers and purchasers in OCTOBER. To whet your appetite, however, we give you the back-cover blurb, which goes thusly:

A rainy Christmas Eve, and Miles is driving home. A loving husband and father, he has no dark secrets, no buried guilt. Or so he thinks.

On a deserted, unlit lane, his car goes off the road. In a cottage nearby, he finds three strangers, all brought there seemingly by chance or accident.

But then, outside, a horn begins to sound.

And all who hear the judgement call must answer for their sins.

The cover design is being created at this moment by the excellent Neil Williams as always, and will be revealed in due course. This really is a brilliant tale, and will act as a nice lead-in to the annual Christmas ghost story volume, The 2013 Ghosts of Christmas, coming out in December, Work will be staring on that one shortly, just as soon as everything is finished with the two books being launched at this year’s World Fantasy Convention in Brighton at the end of October/beginning of November.

In the meantime, don’t forget that you can subscribe to the chapbook series (Paypal buttons down the side of this blog) – you will receive four issues a year directly to your door. There are also 3- and 5-year subscription options available as well. Future chapbooks will be coming from the likes of Angela Slatter, Robert Shearman, Lisa Hannett, and Peter Atkins, In order to ensure of getting your copy of these chapbooks, then please do consider subscribing!

More soon!