Whitstable & Leytonstone: a review

Leytonstone titles

Nancy Scuri talks briefly about both books on her Ink-stained Life blog – which you can access right HERE.

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A recent review of Whitstable

Whitstable cover image

Nearly two years after publication in May 2013, Whitstable by Stephen is still getting reviews, and this is the latest one – it’s been written by Charlene Cocrane and was posted to her Char’s Horror Corner blog. Find out what she thought of the novella by going HERE.



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News 07:08:2014

We have a great deal of news to report this morning, so without any more pre-amble:

Black Mountian 8 Cover

The latest episode, number 8, of Simon Bestwick’s Black Mountain serial, A Lake of Fire, is now available through Amazon. Once again we have to thank the brilliant Neil Williams for the superb cover (above), which we happen to think is one of his best yet.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Even more good news is that the slipcases for The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark have at last arrived, and they look lush – see the photos below.





The slipcases will be dispatched to purchasers from this weekend onwards

Next, in getting around to opening some boxes after having been in our new place for seven months, we discovered we have a couple of copies in signed and numbered hardback of the following titles:

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine by John Llewellyn Probert (TWO only)

The Respectable Face of Tyranny by Gary Fry (TWO only)

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Finally, please check out the latest issue of The Spectral Times (unrelated to Spectral Press), where you’ll be able to find an interview with two Spectral stalwarts: Lawrence Gordon Clark and Stephen Volk. Lawrence talks about his involvement with the A Ghost Story for Christmas dramas for the BBC in the seventies and about the Deluxe Edition of the Spectral Book. Meanwhile, Stephen discusses the infamous Ghostwatch, with a mention of Whitstable along the way. The electronic edition of the magazine is FREE, and can be obtained from HERE.


30:07:2014 – Nicholas Royle mini-interview and Whitstable review

Spectral Book of Horror Stories, edited by Mark Morris - ©2014 respective individual authors/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Vincent Chong

Spectral Book of Horror Stories, edited by Mark Morris – ©2014 respective individual authors/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Vincent Chong

Angela Slatter continues her series of mini-interviews with contributors to The Spectral Book of Horror Stories with Nicholas Royle, writer, editor, teacher and anthologist, who contributed the story This Video Does Not Exist. Click the link HERE to read what he has to say.

This is going to be a major publication for this year, so please do pre-order your copy today of this first in an annual anthology series – ordering buttons below (if you want to pay by any other means, please contact us at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we’ll happy to send you details):

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Whitstable cover image

You can never hold back a good book, and to prove it we’ve just received a new review of Stephen Volk’s award-nominated novella from 2013, Whitstable – the appraisal has been written by Niall Alexander and appears at Tor.com – read the review HERE.

Black Mountain 7: The Master of the House now available

Black Mountian 7 Cover

Episode 7 of Simon Bestwick’s Spectral serial Black MountainThe Master of the House, is now available on Amazon,with artwork supplied once more by Neil Williams.

1988: The farmhouse called Blas Gwynedd, standing in the very shadow of Mynydd Du, is the last human habitation within the ‘Bala Triangle’, home to a teenage boy, his downtrodden mother and his fanatical, tyrannical father.

Now, at last, the story of the farm’s desertion can be told: a tale of strangeness, insanity, violence and death. The tale of one man’s doomed attempt to prove himself the master of the house.

It can be purchased on the following links:




Yesterday, the Washington Post published an interview with Lee Harris, ex-Angry Robot Books and now Senior Editor at a new Tor imprint called Imprint, wherein he talked about novellas. One of the novellas he cited as being a great example of the format was Whitstable by Stephen Volk, which really thrilled us here at Chateau Spectrale. You can read the entire interview here.


BIG NEWS – 09/05/2014

British Fantasy Awards nomineeIt’s a warm sunny day here at Chateau Spectrale and, to make it even sunnier, it gives us immense pleasure to be able to announce some really BIG news:

Whitstable cover image

Stephen Volk’s highly-acclaimed novella Whitstable, released to coincide with the centenary of Peter Cushing’s birthday last year on 26th May, has been nominated for a British Fantasy Award in the Best Novella category. We here at Spectral are exceptionally thrilled at this – it’s an exceptional piece of work, one which has won praise from all quarters for its emotional depth and sensitivity, and also acclaimed for its brilliant portrayal of the great man himself. We still have copies available in the Spectral Shop (see menu bar at the top of the home page), so why not buy a copy today and see for yourself why this has become one of Spectral’s bestselling titles.

Spectral Press logoWe are ALSO thrilled and excited to announce that, for the third year running, Spectral Press itself has received a nomination in the Best Small Press category of the same Awards. We couldn’t be more pleased with this nomination – once again, it shows that all the hard work we put in here has been more than worthwhile. We are slowly conquering the universe one step at a time.

Another Spectral connection, which I was reminded about, is that the cover artist of Whitstable, Ben Baldwin, has also been nominated in the Best Artist category. Would be great to have a triple whammy! =)


Talking of Stephen Volk, it was announced last week that there was to be a ‘follow-up’ novella from him, Leytonstone, the second volume in the Dark Masters trilogy, all of which will be published by Spectral. We are greatly pleased that Ben Baldwin, creator of the cover artwork for Whitstable, will be bringing his skills to the cover image for the new work. He will also be doing the same for Mark Morris’ Albion Fay novella.

Both novellas will be available next year.

Whitstable news

Whitstable cover image

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Stephen Volk’s Spectral novella Whitstable will be reprinted in this year’s The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror anthology, edited by the esteemed Stephen Jones. This is quite a coup, as this will be the longest piece of fiction Stephen has chosen for the anthology ever, so it just goes to show the high regard in which Mr. Volk’s work is held. The anthology will be launched in September at Fantasy Con 2014, to be held in York (Spectral Press will be there as well). Once again, as in previous years, this also highlights the consistent standard of work being published by Spectral.

Congratulations to Stephen Volk, and may we say that we here at Chateau Spectrale are absolutely beaming with pride at its inclusion in such a highly regarded anthology.

And still they keep coming…

Whitstable cover image

Even after nine months Stephen Volk’s novella Whitstable was first published it’s still bringing in reviews, and here’s another one which we received a few days ago via Facebook. This one has been written by Paul Magrs and is featured on his Life on Magrs blog and to read what he had to say about it then just mosey on over HERE.

More soon!

News and review 20:01:2014

Whitstable cover image

Another frosty Monday morning, and another new review. Whitstable by Stephen Volk continues to entrance readers and bloggers alike, and here’s the latest assessment from Horror World writer Dan Reilly – if you want to read what Dan thought about the book, then you need do no better than to click right here.


The unsigned hardback edition of The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark is now at the printers and will be delivered here in about three weeks. The Deluxe edition is being designed right at this moment, and will be available in late February.

Once again, may we offer our profoundest apologies for unconscionable delay to these books – as some of you may know, health issues intervened and made things difficult, plus at the beginning of this year Spectral moved premises, which proved more logistically complicated than envisaged. As recompense, there will be an unadvertised extra included in the Deluxe edition, which will make it not only more special and desirable, but also a more complete overview of Lawrence Gordon Clark’s supernatural televisual ouevre.

Many thanks for your patience!

News and reviews 14:01:2014

It’s a beautifully sunny but frosty morning here in the grounds of Château Spectrale, and we will celebrate by telling you of some recent reviews which have come our way:

"Ghosts" © Paul Kane/Spectral Press 2013. Artwork © Edward Miller 2007 - 2013.

“Ghosts” © Paul Kane/Spectral Press 2013. Artwork © Edward Miller 2007 – 2013.

First, we have a write-up of our two latest books, Tim Lebbon’s Still Life novella and Paul Kane’s Ghosts collection – this one appears on Anthony Watson’s Dark Musings blog, and clicking here will take you right to it.

Whitstable cover image

Whitstable by Stephen Volk continues to make waves, and to underline that here’s another review of this fantastic book – this one is from Peter Tennant, the reviewer over at extremely well-respected genre magazine Black Static, which was originally published in issue 34 and now appears on Peter’s personal blog. You can read that one by going here.


It has been decided that Simon Bestwick’s chapbook, The Judgement Call, will be published this December. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s a Christmas tale, so this year, Christmas Ghost Story lovers are going to be spoiled: you’ll be getting Simon’s chapbook, Paul Finch’s Sparrowhawk special edition hardback, Ray Cluley’s Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow novellette and, of course, the 2014 edition of The 13 Ghosts of Christmas. Lots to look forward to.

Also, all those who have recently purchased books from us: apologies for the delay in sending them out! We’re still in the process of unpacking all the boxes after our recent relocation – we promise to dispatch them as soon as we are able to. Thanks for your patience!