And the winner is…

Three weeks ago we ran a competition to name a new science fiction imprint we will be setting up in the next year or so, for which we received a lot of entries amongst which were some truly brilliant suggestions. Unfortunately, as great as they were (which made choosing one extremely difficult), there could only be one winner and one runner-up. So, in reverse order as is customary, the runner up was:

KATE PROBERT with Distant Earth (inspired by Arthur C. Clarke).

Congratulations – Kate wins a signed copy of the very publication to be issued under the new imprint.

The grand prize winner though is JAY EALES (who wins all the imprint’s output as it gets published) with:

rEvolution SF

This perfectly encapsulates the aims and ambitions of the new line: fiction which provokes a response – cutting edge, adventurous, arcane, challenging, boundary-pushing, and genre-busting. Fiction that ventures into unexpected areas, and delves into places not traditionally associated with science fiction. Thinking people’s science fiction – in other words, the EVOLUTION of science fiction through REVOLUTIONary literature.

Well done and congratulations to Jay!


"VURT" by Jeff Noon

“VURT” by Jeff Noon

And, in further rEvolution SF news, we are proud to announce that sci-fi alumni Jeff Noon (Vurt, Pollen, Automating Alice) will be the first author published by the imprint. Expect it within the next 12 months. 

And the winner is…

We haven’t been doing much on this here blog, due mostly to the pre-World Fantasy Con frenzy of getting everything ready for it, plus a heavy editing workload and the fact that Spectral Towers is being relocated. However, this is one piece of news that just won’t sit still and cooperate until we tell it to the world. So, drum roll please…

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine cover image

John Llewellyn Probert’s The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine, published by Spectral, won a British Fantasy Award for Best Novella. Absolutely stonking achievement, and we’re so proud that John’s wonderful paean to Vincent Price and his films has been recognised for the great book it is. Congratulations!!

Look out for a special offer on the book later this week (once we’ve recovered, that is…)!

And, of course, we hope that this is the first of many awards coming Spectral’s way. You can probably all see our grins right now…

A Spectral Tale for Christmas: the author revealed!

Spectral Press logoFirst off… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Remember we posted a tale on 22 December which had originally been sent to us anonymously as part of our call for submissions to The 13 Ghosts of Christmas annual 2012 (you can read it here to refresh your memories)? We also ran a fun little competition on Facebook wherein people were asked to guess who had authored the tale, with the prize being a paperback copy of the Christmas annual. We had a lot of fun with this one, with people guessing this person or that person, and veering very wide of the mark, in fact often going off in the opposite direction. Anyway the writer has come forward, and we can reveal it to be….


Somebody DID guess correctly, and that person is:


who wins a copy of the paperback, which will be winging its way Down Under very soon! Congratulations…

Prize-winners, all…

Well, better late than never, I suppose…. =)

As some of you may know, last year Spectral set up a prize-draw to entice people to take out a subscription to the chapbooks – well, in January I drew a name out of the hat (well, a box actually…) and John Howard, who fortuitously lived not far away in Birmingham, was the person whose name was drawn. As it would prove more expensive to send it than give the prize in person, sensibly (for once) I chose the latter. And so, on February 19th, my wife and I headed north to deliver it unto the hands of John, and, as the above photo shows, John was highly pleased with his framed edition of the very first Spectral chapbook (signed by both Gary and I) and an annotated and signed manuscript. And I got a couple of rum and diet cokes to keep me very happy… EPIC WIN ALL ROUND, I SAY!


And the winner is…

We have a winner of the Spectral Press Prize-draw and we have a name:

JOHN HOWARD of Birmingham!

Congratulations to John, and I will be contacting him shortly about his prize… which is a framed and signed edition (by both Gary and I) of the first chapbook and annotated, signed ( by Gary only) manuscript of the story, plus a one year extension to his subscription.

Many thanks to everyone who subscribed before the 31st December and got entered into the draw – your support for Spectral Press is very much appreciated!!