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The start of yet another week, but at least we’re now heading into spring with warmer and sunnier days ahead, and to celebrate, here are some reviews we’ve received over the last couple of days:


"Within the Wind, Beneath he Snow" ©2014 Ray CluleySpectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Jim Burns

“Within the Wind, Beneath he Snow” ©2014 Ray CluleySpectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Jim Burns

First up here’s Chris Hall of DLS Review with his take on this very chilly tale from Ray Cluley – you can read that one HERE. And HERE’S another one for the same book, this time courtesy of Erik Hofstatter and which was posted to his The Cimmerian Writer blog.


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THE NINE DEATHS OF DR. VALENTINE by John Llewellyn Probert

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine cover image

Another review from DLS Reviews, this time of the novella detailing the debut exploits of the Medical Master of Mayhem, Dr. Valentine. You can read that one HERE.

The sequel, The Hammer of Dr. Valentine, is currently available, the hardback of which you can order via the Paypal links below. If you would like a copy of The Nine Deaths, please enquire about availability at spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

The Hammer of Dr. Valentine: limited signed hardback (100 only). 

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News and stuff

Photo by Liz Marshall-Jones

Photo by Liz Marshall-Jones

First, here’s the publisher, Simon Marshall-Jones, holding a copy of Ray Cluley’s ice-bound novellette Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow, a box of which arrived yesterday evening. This has the distinction of being the very first Theatrum Mundi title, and we couldn’t have chosen a better tale to start the new imprint with. Along with the main story, there are five bonus short stories included. Top that off with a stunning cover by the legendary Jim Burns and it all adds up to a winner.

"Within the Wind, Beneath he Snow" ©2014 Ray CluleySpectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Jim Burns

“Within the Wind, Beneath he Snow” ©2014 Ray CluleySpectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Jim Burns


UK £15

EU £16

US & RoW $30

In January 2016, Spectral will be celebrating its FIFTH ANNIVERSARY, and to mark the occasion (amongst other things) Spectral will be publishing a novella by Gary McMahon, whose chapbook What They Hear in the Dark inaugurated the press in January 2011. Title TBC, but more details will be forthcoming within the next few months.

Also, contracts have now been exchanged with Kathe Koja for her dark fairytale The Prince of the Air, due out next year under the Theatrum Mundi imprint. Kathe has been on our ‘must-publish’ authors list ever since we began, and we were so thrilled when she agreed to let us publish something by her. Also next year, you can look forward to new works from Angela Slatter, Simon Bestwick, and Conrad Williams – 2016 is shaping up nicely already.

Don’t forget too that you can also preorder Tim Dry’s Theatrum Mundi novella Ricochet – see previous blog entry for full details.

Theatrum Mundi: the first titles


We don’t like to stand still here if we can help it, and so we’re going to begin the new working week with some news of the books which will be launching the new Theatrum Mundi imprint.

Ray Cluley’s Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow is a novelette set in the frozen wastes of the far north, and it will be graced with a cover by the legendary science fiction artist Jim Burns. It will be published in November 2014 in a limited signed hardback with dustjacket only. Here’s the blurb:

Gjerta Jørgensen patrols the frozen coastline of Greenland.  She is the first woman to do so as part of Slædepatruljen Sirius, an elite dogsled team pushed to the limits of physical survival, risking hunger, exhaustion, frostbite and attack.  But out here, where beautiful frozen desolation shows you little but snow, ice, and darkness, there is more to fear than this.  She can hear it within the wind.  It waits beneath the snow.

The darkteeth.

With only Søren Olsen and a dozen dogs for company, Gjerta must face these dangers and the darkness that hides in her past.  Or else succumb to the cold and all it brings to haunt her.

This will be followed by Tim Dry’s Ricochet, a novella-length blasphemical wedding of fevered edginess, violence, drug-fuelled nightmares, psychedelia, and madness, set in London and Paris, and written in the mould of a collision between Hunter S. Thompson and William Burroughs. This one, too, will only be available in limited signed hardback with dustjacket. Tim Dry was one half of the early-eighties robotic dancing phenomenon Tik & Tok as well as being a member, along with Barbie Wilde (Female Cenobite in Hellbound: Hellraiser II) of the mime/dance troupe Shock who toured the world and supported Gary Numan, and he has also appeared as the creature in the 1982 film Xtro and portrayed J’Quille and a Mon Calamari officer in Star Wars VI: The Return of the Jedi. Latterly however, he has turned his considerable talents to writing, having had short stories in three horror anthologies: The Bestiarum Vocabulum, Demonology, and Phobophobias, all edited by Dean M. Drinkel. Ricochet is the first volume in a projected series of novellas based in the same universe. This one will surprise, enlighten, anger and repulse in equal measure.

We will also be publishing the imprint’s first ever novel, Steven Savile’s epic urban fantasy/horror Glass Town. More specific details will be forthcoming on that one over the coming months, but suffice to say that not only will the story itself be epic, but also the production values – expect a very special volume with this one.

The above is just a small indication of the new imprint – a line of books which would not necessarily fit in with the normal run of Spectral material but which definitely deserve an equal opportunity of being disseminated and read. It’s going to be a heady mix of every possible ingredient and emotion imaginable, designed both to enrage and enrapture. It promises to be maddening and exciting – so why not join us on the adventure?

A New Spectral imprint: Theatrum Mundi

Spectral Press logoSome of you eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that, when looking at the list of forthcoming publications for this year (top right-hand corner on the home page), there’s a new addition to the line-up: Theatrum Mundi (Theatre of the Universe),which  is a new imprint from Spectral Press specifically to publish novelletes having a much wider range within what we know as genre, enabling writers to explore some of the more speculative regions of genre fiction, be it ghostly/supernatural, science fiction, urban fantasy, the phantastique, the outré, the bizarre, or the industrial, and which will encompass the entire world and the universe as well as the full span of time itself. The imprint will debut in November 2014 with Ray Cluley’s Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow, which will feature a cover from the legendary Jim Burns.

Rest assured that, although the remit of the imprint will be broader, the same level of quality which Spectral is known for will still be a top priority. It will, however, be an irregular series of books, only one or two published each year, and in signed, limited numbered editions in hardback with dustjacket only perhaps. Full details of the imprint will be forthcoming in the near future – needless to say however that its ‘branding’ (to employ an ugly term) will be different from previous Spectral publications, to distinguish it from the general run of material normally published by us.

Why a new imprint, and not a continuation of the Spectral lineup? Essentially, because the subject matter covered will for the most part be completely different from the ghostly/supernatural end of the genre spectrum (although it doesn’t preclude its inclusion), we would like it to have a separate identity.

We here at Spectral hope that you will all join us in establishing this new venture, and to make it as much of a success as Spectral’s chapbooks, novellas, anthologies and collections have been!

Onwards and upwards!!