Black Mountain 6: The House by the Cemetery

Black Mountian 6 Cover

Just a short blog today, later than anticipated, just because Der Blogmeister decided to have a lie-in (oh okay… he fell asleep while reading… ), to let you know that the sixth episode of Simon Bestwick’s Black Mountain serial, The House by the Cemetery, is now available for purchase on Amazon. Once again the cover artwork is by Neil Williams.

The watcher by the lake…
It began with a dream; it ended in obsession, insanity and death.
The fire in the woods…
The old farmhouse stood on high ground near the mountain of Mynydd Du. Long-abandoned though it was, Ronald Ashington still saw potential in it.
The dancers in the pines…

The Ashingtons had a vision: a luxury hotel, a hidden gem tucked away in the wilds of the Welsh countryside, a home away from home for couples looking to get away from it all. Yes, this house was perfect, except for the name: Ty Mynwent. The house by the cemetery.



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