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Photo by Liz Marshall-Jones

Photo by Liz Marshall-Jones

First, here’s the publisher, Simon Marshall-Jones, holding a copy of Ray Cluley’s ice-bound novellette Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow, a box of which arrived yesterday evening. This has the distinction of being the very first Theatrum Mundi title, and we couldn’t have chosen a better tale to start the new imprint with. Along with the main story, there are five bonus short stories included. Top that off with a stunning cover by the legendary Jim Burns and it all adds up to a winner.

"Within the Wind, Beneath he Snow" ©2014 Ray CluleySpectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Jim Burns

“Within the Wind, Beneath he Snow” ©2014 Ray CluleySpectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Jim Burns


UK £15

EU £16

US & RoW $30

In January 2016, Spectral will be celebrating its FIFTH ANNIVERSARY, and to mark the occasion (amongst other things) Spectral will be publishing a novella by Gary McMahon, whose chapbook What They Hear in the Dark inaugurated the press in January 2011. Title TBC, but more details will be forthcoming within the next few months.

Also, contracts have now been exchanged with Kathe Koja for her dark fairytale The Prince of the Air, due out next year under the Theatrum Mundi imprint. Kathe has been on our ‘must-publish’ authors list ever since we began, and we were so thrilled when she agreed to let us publish something by her. Also next year, you can look forward to new works from Angela Slatter, Simon Bestwick, and Conrad Williams – 2016 is shaping up nicely already.

Don’t forget too that you can also preorder Tim Dry’s Theatrum Mundi novella Ricochet – see previous blog entry for full details.

Review and news – 05:11:2014

The Dancers in the Pines ©2014 Simon Bestwick/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Neil Williams

The Dancers in the Pines ©2014 Simon Bestwick/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Neil Williams

Now that Simon Bestwick’s Black Mountain serial has come to an end, Anthony Watson of Dark Musings has decided to review the work in toto. He originally reviewed the first half some five months ago when it was still gathering steam – so what does he think of it now that it has drawn to a conclusion? To find out, jut click HERE.


Over the next few days Spectral Press will be sending out review PDFs of John Llewellyn Probert’s The Hammer of Dr. Valentine and Stephen Volk’s Leytonstone - if there are any reviewers/book bloggers who wish to review one or both of these titles, then please contact us on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Please state which publication/blog/website the review will appear on as well as which book(s) you wish to review. Thank you in advance.

Also. just to let customers know, there will only be two postal runs per week as from today: Tuesdays and Thursdays. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but as this is practically a one-man operation (sometimes two) and we are very busy, we have decided to institute this policy for the foreseeable future. We very much appreciate your co-operation and patience in this matter. Thank you!

Hallowe’en Delight: The Dancers in the Pines

The Dancers in the Pines ©2014 Simon Bestwick/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Neil Williams

The Dancers in the Pines ©2014 Simon Bestwick/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Neil Williams

Yes, we’ve reached the final episode of Simon Bestwick’s Black Mountain monthly Spectral serial, titled The Dancers in the Pines. It’s now available at both Amazon UK and US - so get your copy today!

‘There was no counting the number of victims the Bala Triangle had claimed over the centuries. Rob Markland’s attempts to investigate it had left him a hopeless madman. 

But still some questions had to be answered. What had happened to his girlfriend, Laura Hines, or the scientists, Glenn and Angela Lane, who’d accompanied them on their doomed expedition to Mynydd Du? What had finally driven Rob over the edge?

Rob had the answers, and he was prepared to give them – but only to me. And so here I was, preparing to go in to meet him for one final interview.

When I’d got those answers, I’d never be the same again.

And nor will you.’

Watch out for a new monthly serial starting in January 2015, The Quarantined City by James Everington!

A gallery of future covers….

Today, we thought we’d do something different – present a gallery of covers from future publications…. and so:

The Dancers in the Pines ©2014 Simon Bestwick/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Neil Williams

The Dancers in the Pines ©2014 Simon Bestwick/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Neil Williams

Black Mountain 11: The Dancers in the Pines is the final installment in Simon Bestwick’s monthly serial – the cover has been created by Neil Williams once more, and it’ll be available from Amazon later this week.

"The Hammer of Dr. Valentine" ©2014 John Llewellyn Probert/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Nick Gucker. Layout ©2014 Neil Williams.

“The Hammer of Dr. Valentine” ©2014 John Llewellyn Probert/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Nick Gucker. Layout ©2014 Neil Williams.

Of course, Dr. Valentine will be in the area very soon, and his rather fetching portrait (and those of his victims) features on John Llewellyn Probert’s second expose of his nefarious exploits, The Hammer of Dr. Valentine. Nick Gucker managed to get this one down on paper before narrowly escaping with his life…

The Hammer of Dr. Valentine: limited signed hardback (100 only). 

UK £21

EU £24

USA & Everywhere Else $45

"Leytonstone" ©Stephen Volk/Spectral Press 2014. Artwork ©Ben Baldwin 2014

“Leytonstone” ©Stephen Volk/Spectral Press 2014. Artwork ©Ben Baldwin 2014

And then, Stephen Volk gives us his follow up to the critically-acclaimed Whitstable – Leytonstone, which delves into the incident in Alfred Hitchcock’s childhood which shaped the director he was to become in later life. And it’s being graced by another fantastic Ben Baldwin masterpiece (PLEASE NOTE: TYPOGRAPHICAL LAYOUT WILL BE DIFFERENT IN THE FINAL VERSION).


£21 UK

£24 EU

$50 US & RoW

Then, a paperback edition of the Johnny Mains-edited Back from the Dead will be issued with this fabulous Les Edwards cover:

Terror by Night - cover for Johnny Main's "Back From the Dead". Artwork © 1974/2013 Les Edwards.

Terror by Night – cover for Johnny Main’s “Back From the Dead”. Artwork © 1974/2013 Les Edwards.

And now… for a preview of a book which will be published later in 2015 with another Ben Baldwin cover – Mark Morris’ Albion Fay… feast thy eyes upon this magnificence!

Albio Fay ©2014 Mark Morris/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Ben Baldwin

Albio Fay ©2014 Mark Morris/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Ben Baldwin

News 07:10:2014

Spectral Book of Horror Stories, edited by Mark Morris - ©2014 respective individual authors/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Vincent Chong

Spectral Book of Horror Stories, edited by Mark Morris – ©2014 respective individual authors/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Vincent Chong

First off, let’s start with an interview with Mark Morris, editor of The Spetral Book of Horror Stories: this one’s been conducted by Teodor Reljic and posted to Schlock Magazine – you can find that one HERE. On the same website you’ll also find a Spectral Press publisher spotlight, written by yours truly – that one’s right HERE.


£12.50 UK

£15 EU

$30 US & RoW


"Black Mountain: The Watcher" ©2014 Simon Bestwick/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Neil Williams.

“Black Mountain: The Watcher” ©2014 Simon Bestwick/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Neil Williams.

Next up is the news that the penultimate episode of Simon Bestwick’s Black Mountain eBook serial, The Watcher, is now available at Amazon – the cover has once again been created by Neil Williams and the book formatted by Graeme Reynolds. The UK edition is HERE and the US one is HERE.

For centuries the Bala Triangle has kept its secrets. But now Rob Markland, having investigated it from afar for so long, was determined to make it give them up at last.

Into the woods of Coed Capel and Coed Dinas, the ruins of Maes Carnedd and Blas Gwynedd, four people ventured. Only one would return, driven mad by what he’d witnessed.

By the presence that still haunted the empty farmhouse at Ty Mynwent.

That waited by the lake of Llyn Daioni, in the long-abandoned pod houses of Hafan Deg.

By the Watcher.

News 07:08:2014

We have a great deal of news to report this morning, so without any more pre-amble:

Black Mountian 8 Cover

The latest episode, number 8, of Simon Bestwick’s Black Mountain serial, A Lake of Fire, is now available through Amazon. Once again we have to thank the brilliant Neil Williams for the superb cover (above), which we happen to think is one of his best yet.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Even more good news is that the slipcases for The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark have at last arrived, and they look lush – see the photos below.





The slipcases will be dispatched to purchasers from this weekend onwards

Next, in getting around to opening some boxes after having been in our new place for seven months, we discovered we have a couple of copies in signed and numbered hardback of the following titles:

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine by John Llewellyn Probert (TWO only)

The Respectable Face of Tyranny by Gary Fry (TWO only)

They can be had for £12 UK/£15 EU/$30 US & RoW each – but only if you hurry. Please contact us first on spectralpress[AT]gmail[DOT]com to secure your copy on a first come first served basis.

Finally, please check out the latest issue of The Spectral Times (unrelated to Spectral Press), where you’ll be able to find an interview with two Spectral stalwarts: Lawrence Gordon Clark and Stephen Volk. Lawrence talks about his involvement with the A Ghost Story for Christmas dramas for the BBC in the seventies and about the Deluxe Edition of the Spectral Book. Meanwhile, Stephen discusses the infamous Ghostwatch, with a mention of Whitstable along the way. The electronic edition of the magazine is FREE, and can be obtained from HERE.


News 04:07:2014

CGS_Qtr cover

A miscellany of bits and pieces here today, but the most important one is receiving an email from Reece Shearsmith (League of GentlemenInside No. 9) about the Deluxe Edition of The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark. He didn’t need to say much, but what he did say was enough:

“It really is beautiful – no wonder you are proud of it.”

EDIT 17:30pm: We only have THREE copies left of the Deluxe, so grab one while you still can!


Foreword by MARK GATISS

Introduction by TONY EARNSHAW

Seven short stories by M. R. JAMESThe Stalls of Barchester CathedralThe Treasure of Abbot ThomasA Warning to the CuriousThe Ash TreeLost HeartsCasting the RunesCount Magnus, The Signalman.

Exclusive new introductions to each story by LAWRENCE GORDON CLARK

Count Magnus teleplay by BASIL COPPER

Lost Hearts short stage play by LAWRENCE GORDON CLARK



Illustrated with unseen behind the scenes photographs, chapter heading vignettes by Nick Gucker,  as well as examples of storyboards by Lawrence Gordon Clark.


£85 UK

£87 EU

$145 US


Foreword by MARK GATISS

Introduction by TONY EARNSHAW

Seven short stories by M. R. JAMESThe Stalls of Barchester CathedralThe Treasure of Abbot ThomasA Warning to the CuriousThe Ash TreeLost HeartsCasting the RunesCount Magnus

Exclusive new introductions to each story by LAWRENCE GORDON CLARK


Illustrated with photographs as well as chapter heading vignettes (by Nick Gucker)


£45 UK

£47 EU

$80 US


Due to the success of Simon Bestwick’s monthly Black Mountain serial we have decided that, beginning in January 2015, we will be publishing a couple of serials a year. And to start things off we will be publishing James Everington’s The Quarantined City, in six parts.More details will be forthcoming soon, so keep watching this space.


Spectral will be heading into London on Monday to meet up with director/screenwriter Michael Armstrong (Mark of the DevilThe Haunted House of HorrorThe House of Long Shadows) to start discussions on an exciting project. We’ll tell you more when we’ve worked out the details.

Black Mountain 7: The Master of the House now available

Black Mountian 7 Cover

Episode 7 of Simon Bestwick’s Spectral serial Black MountainThe Master of the House, is now available on Amazon,with artwork supplied once more by Neil Williams.

1988: The farmhouse called Blas Gwynedd, standing in the very shadow of Mynydd Du, is the last human habitation within the ‘Bala Triangle’, home to a teenage boy, his downtrodden mother and his fanatical, tyrannical father.

Now, at last, the story of the farm’s desertion can be told: a tale of strangeness, insanity, violence and death. The tale of one man’s doomed attempt to prove himself the master of the house.

It can be purchased on the following links:




Yesterday, the Washington Post published an interview with Lee Harris, ex-Angry Robot Books and now Senior Editor at a new Tor imprint called Imprint, wherein he talked about novellas. One of the novellas he cited as being a great example of the format was Whitstable by Stephen Volk, which really thrilled us here at Chateau Spectrale. You can read the entire interview here.


Black Mountain 6: The House by the Cemetery

Black Mountian 6 Cover

Just a short blog today, later than anticipated, just because Der Blogmeister decided to have a lie-in (oh okay… he fell asleep while reading… ), to let you know that the sixth episode of Simon Bestwick’s Black Mountain serial, The House by the Cemetery, is now available for purchase on Amazon. Once again the cover artwork is by Neil Williams.

The watcher by the lake…
It began with a dream; it ended in obsession, insanity and death.
The fire in the woods…
The old farmhouse stood on high ground near the mountain of Mynydd Du. Long-abandoned though it was, Ronald Ashington still saw potential in it.
The dancers in the pines…

The Ashingtons had a vision: a luxury hotel, a hidden gem tucked away in the wilds of the Welsh countryside, a home away from home for couples looking to get away from it all. Yes, this house was perfect, except for the name: Ty Mynwent. The house by the cemetery.



Bits and pieces: News – 02:06:2014

Spectral Press logoNEW BOOKS FOR 2015

It is with immense please that we can announce the acquisition of two novellas from a duo of top class writers.

First, we have Albion Fay from MARK MORRIS, a name which should be familiar to many. It tells the story of twins Angie and Frank, about a weekspent in an isolated holiday home surrounded by a landscape which is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Set against the deteriorating marriage of their parents, that holiday will be about to change everyone’s lives. Date of publication TBC.

The second novella will be Leytonstone, by none other than STEPHEN VOLK, the author of last year’s bestselling Whitstable. This will be the second in his Dark Masters trilogy, of which Whitstable was the first, and for this one the subject is a very young Alfred Hitchcock. In the story, we get to learn of the many influences which went into the making of the adult, and how those influences collaborated in creating one of the foremost directors of his time. If you liked Whitstable, then we can guarantee that you will love LeytonstoneAlso due in 2015.

The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark: Deluxe edition.

The books will be arriving either tomorrow or Wednesday – and we will be despatching them this week too.

Black Mountain serial

Episode six of Simon Bestwick’s monthly serial, Black Mountain: The House by the Cemetery, will be published very soon: it’s lateness is due to unavoidable personal circumstances which the author had to attend to. This means that there will be TWO episodes this month, so that the serial will be back on schedule by the end of June.

Chapbook packaging

From the next issue of the chapbook series, Volume XII (Robert Shearman’s Christmas in the Time of Ennui) and which will be published in July, they will be packaged in sturdier and more protective envelopes. This will mainly be to guard against spine damage and the wanton mishandling by postmen. Subscription prices will be held at current prices.