Mappalujo: the blurb

"Mappalujo" ©2015 Jeff Noon & Steve Beard/rEvolution SF. Artwork and design by John Oakey ©2015 .

“Mappalujo” ©2015 Jeff Noon & Steve Beard/rEvolution SF. Artwork and design by John Oakey ©2015 .

Here’s the blurb for one of the most anticipated science fiction novels of next year, Mappalujo by Jeff Noon & Steve Beard. Jeff is, of course, well known for his groundbreaking novel Vurt published in 1993, (which was followed by a sequel, Pollen, in 1995 and a prequel, Nymphomation, in 1997) and this is surely going to be counted amongst his best works to date. Prepare to enter the world of Lujo, a city caught somewhere between reality and a dimension which may/may not be real…

Mappalujo is a shared dream set in the twilight realm of Lujo, a city dominated by the surreal cartoons and artificially bred toy creatures of the Zeno Entertainment Company. Since the company’s founder died in mysterious circumstances, Zeno’s visions have become darker and even more sinister. An identity-altering drug is leaking onto the streets. For a few brilliant, flickering moments users are transformed into famous or infamous celebrities, only to find that the other side of fame lies in the gutter, or in death.

The novel follows a lowly salesman, an information gatherer, a private detective and a teenage psychic. Four stories, four people – each of them connected to the bizarre fate of Zeno, its bitter heir, and a hostile faery spirit named Mama Lujo.

Here is one city’s epic tale told in seventy-five chapters, each influenced by a different iconic figure. From Lewis Carroll to Patti Smith, from Sigmund Freud to Raymond Chandler and Sophie Calle – the ghosts haunting the streets of Lujo are all conjured from the collective unconscious of the modern media age.

Mappalujo is baroque science fiction, tumbling with ideas and images, exuberant to the extreme. It documents a world only a few metres and a few minutes away from our own – yet stranger by far.”

Preorder your copy today – copies are already being snapped up so get one while you still can!




And the winner is…

Three weeks ago we ran a competition to name a new science fiction imprint we will be setting up in the next year or so, for which we received a lot of entries amongst which were some truly brilliant suggestions. Unfortunately, as great as they were (which made choosing one extremely difficult), there could only be one winner and one runner-up. So, in reverse order as is customary, the runner up was:

KATE PROBERT with Distant Earth (inspired by Arthur C. Clarke).

Congratulations – Kate wins a signed copy of the very publication to be issued under the new imprint.

The grand prize winner though is JAY EALES (who wins all the imprint’s output as it gets published) with:

rEvolution SF

This perfectly encapsulates the aims and ambitions of the new line: fiction which provokes a response – cutting edge, adventurous, arcane, challenging, boundary-pushing, and genre-busting. Fiction that ventures into unexpected areas, and delves into places not traditionally associated with science fiction. Thinking people’s science fiction – in other words, the EVOLUTION of science fiction through REVOLUTIONary literature.

Well done and congratulations to Jay!


"VURT" by Jeff Noon

“VURT” by Jeff Noon

And, in further rEvolution SF news, we are proud to announce that sci-fi alumni Jeff Noon (Vurt, Pollen, Automating Alice) will be the first author published by the imprint. Expect it within the next 12 months.