Special offer: Leytonstone, Albion Fay, & The Bureau of Them

All three of the titles mentioned in the heading will be launched at Edge-Lit 4 this year in Derby, UK on July 11th, where the authors will be in attendance to sign copies. But we here at Chateau Spectrale like to share the love around, and so we have decided to make all three limited hardbacks available as a package at a special price for a limited time (until the end of the month). All prices include postage to the respective regions of the globe.

LEYTONSTONE by Stephen Volk

"Leytonstone" ©Stephen Volk/Spectral Press 2014. Artwork ©Ben Baldwin 2014

“Leytonstone” ©Stephen Volk/Spectral Press 2014. Artwork ©Ben Baldwin 2014

One evening in 1906 a chubby little boy of seven, son of a London greengrocer, is taken by his father to visit the local police station.

There he suddenly finds himself, inexplicably, locked up for a crime he hasn’t committed – or has he? Blinking into sunlight, traumatized by his overnight stay, he is told by his father the next morning: “Now you know what happens to naughty little boys!” But the incident is the catalyst for a series of events that will scar, and create, the world’s leading Master of Terror in the century to come…

The boy is Alfred Hitchcock.

ALBION FAY by Mark Morris

Albio Fay ©2014 Mark Morris/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Ben Baldwin

Albio Fay ©2014 Mark Morris/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Ben Baldwin

Albion Fay, a holiday house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature’s bounty. For the adults, a time for relaxation and to recharge the batteries, while for the children, a chance for exploration and adventure in the English countryside. A happy time for all: nothing could possibly go wrong. Or could it? What should be a magical time ends in tragedy – but what really happened that summer?

THE BUREAU OF THEM by Cate Gardner

You’re not the first to talk to your dead here, the vagrant said. The living always chase after their dead until they come upon their own.

Formed from shadow and dust, ghosts inhabit the abandoned office building, angry at the world that denies them. When Katy sees her deceased boyfriend in the window of the derelict building, she finds a way in, hoping to be reunited. Instead, the dead ignore, the dead do not see and only the monster that is Yarker Ryland has need of her there.


£50UK (Normally £63 incl. p+p)

£60EU (Normally £72 incl. of p+p)


$120US & RoW (Normally $150 incl. of p+p)

Coming up soon: two new books

Spectral Press logoNews of some two new books due to arrive in mid-2015:

THE BUREAU OF THEM by Cate Gardner

First, we have Cate Gardner’s new novella The Bureau of Them, due to be published in June and launched at this year’s Edge-Lit event in Derby in July (alongside Mark Morris’ Albion Fay and Stephen Volk’s Leytonstone). Expect a story of Cate’s trademark dark surrealism and slightly-twisted realities, plus a cover from David Chatton-Barker which will be with us in a couple of weeks. In the meantime you can preorder the limited hardback and the unlimited paperback:




$50US & RoW




$40US & RoW

BACK FROM THE DEAD edited by Johnny Mains

Terror by Night - cover for Johnny Main's "Back From the Dead". Artwork © 1974/2013 Les Edwards.

Terror by Night – cover for Johnny Main’s “Back From the Dead”. Artwork © 1974/2013 Les Edwards.

Some years ago, Johnny Mains issued this eBook only volume of stories with the subtitle The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories. Spectral will be reissuing it with new material in paperback in May, with a cover by Les Edwards (see above). Preorder on the buttons below:



$40US & RoW

Look forward to hearing from you!